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  1. The name of the therapeutic item 

Subiotics 8 mg sublingual tablets 

  1. Quality and quantitative union 

Every tablet contains 8 mg of (buprenorphine as hydrochloride). 

Valuable with notable impact (s): Lactose 

For a total rundown of producers, see Section 6.1 

  1. Pharmaceutical structure 

Sublingual tablet 

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Non-woven oval white level assembled edged tablet, ostensible measurements 14mm x 7mm, corrupted with “B8” on one side. 

  1. Clinical subtleties 

4.1 Indications for treatment 

Elective medicines for narcotic medication reliance, inside the system of clinical, social and mental treatment. 

4.2 Method of the board and organization 

Brain research 

Treatment with Subiotics Sublingual Tablets is for use in grown-ups and kids 16 years old or more seasoned who have consented to be treated for narcotic reliance. 

Insurances before suppers 

Before treatment, doctors ought to know about the incomplete agonist profile of buprenorphine to love potion receptors, which may forestall withdrawal disorder in narcotic ward patients, and consider the kinds of narcotic reliance, (for example, long or short - Opioid acting), after the last narcotic use, and the level of narcotic reliance. To dodge a quick withdrawal, Sub ought to be gotten together with Subotex when goal and away from of clearing show up. Score of more than 12 on the Clinical Opioid Endocrine Scale (COWS) 

For patients subject to heroin or low-acting narcotics: The primary portion of buprenorphine ought to be begun when target indications of withdrawal show up, however the patient has not utilized narcotics for under 6 hours after the last use. 


For patients getting methadone: Before beginning sebatex treatment, the portion of methadone ought to be decreased to a limit of 30 mg/day. Sebatex can forestall withdrawal indications in methadone subordinate patients. The main portion of buprenorphine ought to be begun just when there are target indications of withdrawal and as a rule because of the long half-existence of methadone no under 24 hours after the patient last utilized methadone. 

Pattern liver capacity tests and documentation of viral hepatitis status are suggested before beginning treatment. 

associated with: 

The underlying portion is 0.8mg to 4mg, which is given as a day by day portion. 

Food Adjustment and Maintenance: 

The portion of civotex ought to be expanded bit by bit by the clinical impact of the individual patient and the most extreme every day portion ought not surpass 32mg. The eating routine is intended to evaluate the patient’s clinical and mental condition. 

Diet decrease and treatment discontinuance: 

In the wake of accomplishing an agreeable time of dependability, the portion can be bit by bit decreased to a lower recuperation portion. When regarded fitting, treatment might be ceased in certain patients. The accessibility of a sublingual pill in dosages of 0.4 mg, 2 mg and 8 mg, separately, permits the cost of the portion to go down. Patients ought to be observed after stopping of buprenorphine treatment because of the chance of restoration. 

Extraordinary populace 


The security and adequacy of buprenorphine in old patients more than 65 years old have not been set up. 

Liver disappointment 

Patients who are sure for viral hepatitis, we gradually put the item on the medication and/or the current capacity of the liver, have a higher danger of liver injury. Patients ought to be observed for signs and side effects of poisonous or overdose because of expanded degrees of buprenorphine (see Section 4. 4.). Buprenorphine ought to be utilized with alert in patients with hepatic deficiency (see Section 5.2) Boprenorphine isn’t contraindicated in patients with extreme hepatic inadequacy (see Section 4.3). 

Kidney disappointment 

Patients with kidney disappointment as a rule don’t have to alter the buprenorphine portion. Alert is suggested when taking care of patients with serious renal disability, which may require portion alteration (creatinine freedom <30 ml/min) (see Section 5.2). 

Kid populace 

Subiotics is contraindicated in kids under 16 years old (see segment 4.3) 

Strategy for organization 

Organization is sublingual. Doctors exhort patients that the main viable and safe approach to control this prescription is the sublingual course. The arrangement ought to be set under the tongue until it disintegrates, which is generally inside 5 to 10 minutes. 

4.3 Contradictions 

Excessive touchiness to buprenorphine or some other part of the pill 

Youngsters under 16 years old 

Serious brevity of breath 

Serious hepatic inadequacy 

Serious liquor addiction or trickery 


4.4 Special alerts and safety measures for use 

Sebatex sublingual tablets for the treatment of narcotic medication reliance as it were. Are recommended. It is likewise suggested that treatment be endorsed by a doctor who guarantees extensive administration of the narcotic ward quiet (s).

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