Choosing The Right Projector Screen For Your Next Event

Probably, projector screens are probably the last thing on your mind when you are planning a list of things for the event upcoming.

It does not matter whether you’re organising a meeting, conference, exhibition or another event, if visual effects or projection of information are involved, the main focus of your audience would be on the projection screen for a lot of the time. So, make sure to Rent A Projector screen that matches your requirements and is proper for the size of your event.

If you are arranging smaller venues, you would be able to use a portable projection screen that you can set up yourself. For other events such as product launches, award ceremonies, conferences and exhibitions you may require some help from experienced audio-visual specialists.

Projection Screen Rental

If you are hiring a projector screen along with your projector, first questions that come to your mind will be, how big is the meeting/conference room and how many people will be there in the audience? The height of the room, as well as the throw distance between the projector & screen, will also be needed to be considered to establish the size of the screen you can use.

The lighting of the room and how much it can be controlled is also needed to be considered. You can select different screen fabric to make sure the images projected are clear and sharp.

A rear projection screen can also be if your venue layout is suitable. For this, you may need an area at the rear of the screen to allow for the throw distance between the projector & screen. Rear projection is helpful to keep the area in front of the screen clear, hiding the projector beam from your audience and without disrupting the image, it allows people to move in front of the screen.

Projector Screen Size:

If you are arranging small venues and meeting rooms, you will need an aspect ratio of 4:3 that will give a squarer format that suits most PowerPoint presentations. These projector screens are available in a variety of models from floor rising, table top, pull down or tripod. On the other hand, if you are arranging smaller venues, the most stable projection screen is the folding frame type which has a tensioned screen surface and feet for stability.

Outdoor Projector Screens

The use of projectors for showing films and images outdoors has increased over recent years with the introduction of new technology. There are a variety of large format screens available for all your outdoor events such as weddings, showing movies and outdoor displays.

Managed Event Production

For most small meetings and venues, you may need to Rent A Projector and screen and set them up yourself. However, for larger conferences and events with larger audiences, you need to consult the experts to match the requirements install all the equipment needed and manage your event so that it runs smoothly.

For more information about hiring projectors and screens for any size of venue, please visit Av-Production to get the best for your event.

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