Wireless headsets are inconceivably advantageous and simple to utilize. The purpose of wearing a headset instead of being connected with a telephone or computer through a wire is, obviously, for mobility and multitasking. Not only will the wearer’s hands be free to perform different assignments, but they will also be desk free ready to work different tasks at the same time and increase productivity. Choosing an affordable and quality wireless office headset is very important to ensure work productivity. Thinking about going wireless? The ucpartners is a great choice. On top of everything you’d expect from a wireless headset it’s designed for all-day wearing. With a leatherette ear cushion and a light adjustable headband, you can customize your own wearing style for maximum comfort.
ucpartners lets you conference landline calls with soft phones (think Skype). So you can chat to your old-fashioned and tech-savvy colleagues on the same line. Available in CS540, CS520 (Over-the-head binaural), CS510 (Over-the-head monaural), Multiple devices, singular control. Intuitive sensor technology reacts when the headset is put on answering a call without a click, Wideband audio for more natural sound and clearer conversations.