Do you want to convert Lotus Notes mailbox to Outlook? Are you looking for a way to export Lotus Notes emails to Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016? Read this article and find out an efficient way to migrate Lotus Notes mailbox to Outlook.

lotus notes mailbox to outlook

Migrate Lotus Notes Mailbox to Outlook Using the Best Possible Method

Hello. I am the global administrator of the company. We were using Lotus Notes for last 2 years. Now, due to some technical and personal issues, we want to migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook. We tried some manual methods but, all of them failed. Is there any perfect solution to convert Lotus Notes mailbox to Outlook? Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Does the query seem familiar to you? Are you also looking answer to migrate NSF to PST ? If yes, then do not lose hope as the solution is very easy. So, keep reading till the end of the post.

It is not possible to directly jump from any email client to another. This is because of the reason that different email clients support different file formats. Hence, to move from one email service provider to another, it is essential to carry out file type conversion. In this case, if the users want to convert the data from IBM Notes to MS Outlook, then NSF files should be exported as PST files.

Reasons to Migrate Lotus Notes Emails to Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016

There are several reasons which force a user to carry out the conversion. Some of the prominent causes are discussed as follows:

  • Microsoft Outlook enables the users to work in the Offline mode.
  • Management and organization of data and emails are better using MS Outlook.
  • Outlook is considered as more secure email client as compared to Lotus Notes.
  • The user interface of Outlook is very simple. On the other hand, the user interface of IBM Notes is very complicated.
  • Maintenance of Outlook is feasible and cheap as compared to IBM Notes.
  • Outlook is known as one of the best email clients to perform multitasking.
  • Microsoft Outlook is the easier email client to use as compared to others.
  • Sharing of data is also easy as compared to the IBM Notes.

Transfer Lotus Notes Mailbox to Outlook Manually

The manual approach to perform conversion is carried out in two major steps:

  1. Export files from IBM Notes
  2. Import the transferred NSF files in Outlook

Let us study each step in detail.

Step1: Export NSF Files from Lotus Notes

A user has to follow the given set of instructions to export Lotus Notes emails to Outlook:

1. Launch IBM Notes application on the local system
2. Browse and find the .nsf files which are to be exported to Outlook. Click on Open.

3. Navigate to the option of “File” and choose the option of Export.

4. Browse the location where you want to save the NSF files that are to be converted. From the drop-down menu of Save As type, either choose Structured data or Comma separated value. Specify the name of the file and click on Export.

5. Whatever be the selection of type, choose the options and click on “OK”

Step 2: Import the NSF File into Microsoft Outlook

A user has to follow the below-mentioned steps to import Lotus Notes mailbox to Outlook:

1. Open the Microsoft Outlook application
2. Navigate to File and then choose the option of Import & Export.

3. An import and export wizard will be shown on the screen. Select the option of import from another program or file and then, click Next.
4. In Import a File window, choose Comma-separated values and click Next.
5. Browse the NSF files which are exported from Lotus Notes and hit on Next.

6. Specify the location where NSF files are to be saved and press on Next.
7. At the last, click on “Finish”.

8. The Lotus Notes NSF files will be transferred to Microsoft Outlook.

Limitations of the Manual Technique

The manual solution is an effective technique to carry out the process to transfer Lotus Notes emails to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 but, there are certain drawbacks of the workaround solution. These are listed as follows:

  • The steps are to be performed by the users hence, it becomes a lengthy and time-consuming process.
  • It is a bit tricky for non-technical users to go for the manual method.
  • Sometimes it happens that the user gets confused even after following the step-by-step approach.
  • If any mistake is committed at any point, there is a high risk of data loss.
  • Many complications are involved if a large sized PST file is to be converted to Outlook.
  • To overcome all these limitations, an alternative solution is also proposed in the next section.

Automated Solution to Convert Lotus Notes Mailbox to Outlook

The professional method to transfer the NSF files from IBM Notes to Outlook is to use the third-party tool like MailPro+. According to the experts, it is the perfect solution to carry out the migration task. The user interface of the tool is so simple that even a novice user can use it without any issue. It yields a very accurate result on the least time possible.

Final Words

No doubt, Lotus Notes offers some amazing features to its users but, no platform is totally devoid of issues. On the other hand, Outlook is one of the well-known email clients. Hence, users feel the need to convert Lotus Notes mailbox to Outlook. The post deals with the manual technique to carry out the conversion process. Also, an automated tool is introduced to import Lotus Notes emails to Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016.