Dark Side of Innocent Little Facebook

The social networking apps have immensely popular and providing people free services to communicate with each other. The social media enable a user to send and receive text messages, chats conversations, audio and video calls, shared media files and sent/ received Voice messages. All these features are best services a man has ever come across in the contemporary digital world. When it comes to the Facebook, it is one of the leading social messaging apps and highly regarded by the users. But having all these free services provided by the Facebook has its dark side too.

According to the researchers

They have come to the point, that is the direct link between the number of friends you have on FB and how much extent you are “disruptive socially” narcissist, confirming the conclusion of the number of social messaging apps skeptics.

According to the researchers, the people who did high score on the Narcissistic Personality inventory questionnaire had more friends on FB. They were used to of posting their news feeds frequently.

The dark side of Facebook

There is number of reasons behind calling a dark side of Facebook. Let’s discuss underneath briefly!

Obsession with Facebook

When it comes to the use of Facebook, seemingly age does not matter. Users from age 12 onwards to 60’s are diehard fans of social media app. on the other hand time spending on the instant messenger’s differs on the basis of age. Further, the young kids and teens have found the regular users of the messenger. They spend most of the time on digital media app FB.  However, there are certain things that have reflected the dark side of the social messaging app such as teens in the United States almost checks the FB more than hundred times a day. They do plenty of activities such as texting, sexting, chats with strangers and shared media files such as photos and photos. All these activities come in the cycle back and forth and finally, a young user especially becomes addicted to the social media platform.

Narcissist element in youngsters

Having hundreds of online friends on FB, sharing news feed back and forth on the messenger and sharing photos and videos to judge as better than others is the sign of person to be Narcissist in nature. It means, FB is making users narcissist in nature and always in the search of making themselves better than others.

Selfie culture & deaths

Over the years, the self-promoting culture has been on the rise and Facebook users are at the top and they capture selfies and then share it on the social messaging app. posting photos and videos does not a bad approach, but capturing photos at dangerous places, from 100 floors building, near to the edge of river and while driving, all these activities worldwide has taken number of lives in the world. More than 150 deaths have been reported that people have died while taking selfies at dangerous places. India has got the number 1 place in the world, where people have lost their lives more than any other country in the world.

Online predators

Online predators are most dangerous invaders on Facebook, over the years they have made the social media app as their hub. They do activities to harm teens online and even in real-life. They have known with number names such as cyber bullies, stalkers, sexual predators, child abusers and many others. They mostly make the victim of young kids and teens online and then in real-life if got friendly term with teens online.

Blind dates

The young generation over the years such a bad habits and start using the FB messenger as a dating site. They meet people online and then start a relationship in real-life and most of them do blind dates in real-life. Therefore, plenty of teens become the victim of sexual predators and even rapped.

Health issues

Obviously, when people have become obsessed with the FB instant messenger, at the end of the day they got health problems. The obsessed Facebook users cause depression, anxiety, anger, eyesight issues and psychological disorders as well.

As we have seen the young teenagers are more likely to obsess and trapped by cyber predators. Therefore, parents have to take care of kids and teens safety.

What to do?

Parents can protect kids and teens from the dark side of kids and teens. They can monitor their cell phone and social media app Facebook to the fullest. They just need to install the Facebook spy app on teen’s cell phone. They can use IM’s social media of the mobile phone spy software and can view IM’s logs, chat conversations, audio and video calls and shared photos and videos and even to Voice messages.


Facebook no doubt is the best tool for communication for users, but it has the dark side for young users. Parents can protect their kids and teens to the fullest with cell phone spying app.


Ailsa Bronwen is a writer, Journalist Social media activist & Freelancer Technology Writer. Currently, she is affiliated with Techonosoft. To know more about her, follow her on Twitter @ailsabronwen40

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