December Car Discounts

Honda is top leading manufacturing company and it launched new car by every year in the market with special added features to meet better comfort. Honda Amaze is brand car in a sell and it designed with two types such as the petrol and diesel. Here a diesel engines is 1.5liter, and with 4 cylinder. Then automobile boosted with the turbocharged develop which increase up to 100 PS of power and also more than 200 Nm torque at a time of 5 speed transmission time. During the 80PS and 160 Nm of torque of first CVT segment, petrol engine come to 1.2 liter with 4 cylinder units that develop 90 PS of high power and also 110 Nm during a 5 manual speeds. This car has fuels efficiency of 27.4 KMPL for diesel and 23.8 kmpl for diesel CVT. same as the 19.5Kmpl for the petrol manual as well as the 19 KMPL for CVT petrol.

Getting real feeling in the driver seat to all fresh Amaze become high confidence as well as control. When interior are well designed to concentrate of a special comfort and luxury to drive on road. Inside the car, traveler can have cabin feel and finger touch with the stylish look with a presence of the new DIGIPAD 2.0. Then driver enjoy the multi function searing such as audio, cruise control, paddle shift and much more. As it become more comfortable for a customer to have special drive for a long time with no trouble of it.

This car let to meet feel big inside the car and also front seat has contours which make trouble free ride for long distance also. Rear end seat out with presence of the seating postures support, also cushioned armrest which let have seat with more comfort. At a same time a stretch part of legs and no doubt which provide luxury class of it. This automobile out with type of the engines such petrol and diesel. Here the petrol engine boosted with a 1.2L 1-VTEC with a presence of low friction support and it deliver high performance. This can meet high efficiency to high level and it provides s 90ps power to engines so that it provides special comfort to have long drive. In the manual transmission, you can get 19.5km. It builds with adjustable night lamps that provide best comfort to drive car during the night time.

This car build with a standard ACEtm body structure and also ABS with EBD support so it attract number of the customer who had eye on this new automobile in the showroom. Seat has standard is OFIX and also utilize a rear parking camera support which let to enjoy better comfort to park the car. In an additional, you can examine huge range of the safety accessories in this car so a traveler can meet better comfort and safety to travel. The main plus of car has anti lock braking systems with the option of a EBD and also engine has Immobilizer support.

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