Exchange Server is the globally used platform for the storage of data and cross- communication. It uses EDB file format to store its crucial database and this file can be a little tricky to work with as well as this might occur some serious issues sometimes. When users keep their Exchange database file as it is during the server data archive process, it requires to unmount the server database and this would halt the workflow and productivity. Also, the IT professionals face issues with the backup and maintenance of EDB file.

While PST (Personal Storage Table) is an open proprietary file format utilized to save the copies of emails, calendars, and other data items of Microsoft Outlook. It is such a secure and portable file format to store the database, due to which users want to convert their EDB files into PST file format. In this review page, we are going to disclose one of the most eminent technique to convert EDB file into PST. So, let us get started with some common factors to execute this conversion.

Requirements to Convert Exchange Mailboxes to PST

There may several reasons for what users might need to convert their Exchange EDB into PST file format. Such as:

  • For Backup: Backing up specific Exchange mailboxes is essential to prevent oneself from data loss conditions. Hence, backing up Exchange mailboxes into PST file format is a cost-efficient option for Exchange administrators.
  • Portability: Once Exchange mailbox database gets exported into PST file format, it becomes portable. After that, one can simply store it in different storage devices.
  • Compliance Needs: Sometimes to fulfill the legal and compliance demands, it becomes essential to collect, save, and retain Exchange data for a long time. For this PST is the best option.

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Key Features of EDB to PST Converter

Export Exchange EDB to Outlook PST: The Exchange EDB to PST Converter software recovers Exchange Server EDB file and restore it into PST file format. Users are allowed to create a single PST for an EDB mailbox that incorporates all the data. By default, the tool generates UNICODE type PST files hence, one can convert any size of Exchange EDB into PST file format.

Upload Exchange EDB to Office 365: The software is capable enough to export multiple Exchange Server EDB files into Exchange Online account even without any kind of data loss. It includes the mapping option, by which one can export Exchange mailboxes into respective Microsoft Office 365 user account.

Restore Exchange EDB Files to PST: During the conversion of Exchange EDB to Outlook PST, the tool allow users to convert EDB into PST including all the data items. It can convert all the data items of Exchange such as emails, contacts, calendars, etc., into Outlook PST file format. Also, it ensures the successful conversion of EDB into PST.

Option to Split Resultant PST File: Exchange EDB to PST Converter tool provides an option to split the large PST files into smaller parts so that, users can manage them easily. Using this option will break the large PST file into multiple small PST files. It is an optional feature provided by the tool and users can check or uncheck it accordingly.

Allow to Export Corrupted EDB File: The software is designed with highly programmed algorithms so that it can even migrate corrupted Exchange EDB files into PST file format. One can simply convert the corrupt priv1.edb mailbox to Outlook PST even without facing any kind of hassle.

Export EDB Data Items Selectively: The Exchange EDB to PST Converter tool, lets users export the data selectively. So, now it is not mandatory to select the entire data for the conversion procedure while converting EDB into PST through this software. One can select only desired data items and convert them into PST file format.

Scanning Modes For EDB Files: For those EDB files that are distinctly computerized; the software offers a distinct set of scanning modes. Before beginning the process of conversion of selected EDB files, a thorough scanning is performed via the software. For this, the tool provides two options: Quick or Advanced Scanning and one can choose the scanning mode according to current requirements.

EDB to PST Converter – Specifications

Demo Version: The demo version of Exchange EDB to PST Converter is available for free of cost and one can try this version before purchasing the software. This edition includes all the functionalities of its regular version but, users can export only first 25 items from EDB folder into PST file format.

Full Version: The licensed/ full version of EDB to PST Converter lets users export unlimited mailboxes from EDB to Outlook PST. Also, this version has no any file size limitations to convert and it executes the whole process in just a few numbers of clicks. Users can run this software on all versions of Windows OS.


  • Convert unlimited Exchange EDB mailboxes into PST
  • Export Exchange mailboxes to Outlook UNICODE PST
  • Convert corrupted/ damaged Exchange EDB data files
  • Perform EDB to PST conversion quickly and smoothly


  • Not compatible with Mac operating system

Concluding Lines

After considering the overall performance and all the essential features offered by EDB to PST Converter we can rate this software 9.8 out of 10. All users who need to export their Exchange mailbox data into Outlook PST file format must use this software because of its quick and accurate working procedure.