ELD Compliance

Imagine waking up to a phone call reporting a major accident that your truck had faced in the wee hours of the night, yes such incidents are not altogether uncommon for giant fleet operators. However, such cases cause concern for both small and large fleet managers. When starting for a long haul not only the condition of your truck alone matters, the energy level and mental alertness of your truck driver counts too.

There are numerous incidents of fatigued truck drivers getting involved in accidents that resulted in injury and sometimes even death, simply because the drivers were being pressured by their company to move a shipment as quickly as possible. This plight frequently goads truck drivers to overlook how many hours they have been operating on their logbook, or what is an hours-of-service violation. This is where the electronic driver logs come in. The use of the ELDs, not only makes it challenging for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operators to misreport on exactly how many hours the drivers have been operating, but also boost efficiency for motor carriers and safety inspectors.

However, mandating the usage of ELDs is not the only strategy that FMCSA has employed to bring relief to fatigued truck drivers. Via the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21)-enacted in 2012 - a provision to the hours-of-service safety regulations for CMV operators was added. The MAP-21 provision, referred to as the restart provision, allowing truck drivers to resume a new cycle after being off duty for 34 hours, and they must include at least two night-time periods in their restart breaks, according to the Washington State University (WSU) Sleep and Performance Research Centre.

It is evident thus that the benefits of implementing legislation such as the revisions in the hours-of-service regulations and the eld compliance made obligatory for all fleet operators and individual commercial motor vehicle and  truck drivers has prevent them from driving fatigued, consequently making the road safer for all drivers.

On choosing a reputed ELD manufacturer as your ELD compliance partner you would experience a few distinct features. Besides, making the process of tracking the drivers HOS and the location of the vehicle accurate, efficient and instant it offers professional assistance in case of any exception or error. The electronic logging device is capable of providing advanced security not only to the vehicle against potential violations and threats but also the consignment being shipped. The benefits include:

  1. Reduced Inspection time.
  2. Audit procedures are passed in a secure manner.
  3. Any violations can be tracked.
  4. The time taken for maintenance will be reduced because vehicles along with the drivers would not be overworked due to the visibility of their hours of service.
  5. The commercial vehicle can be tracked live with updated electronic log book.

As soon as any sort of violation possibility is detected, the system or the device gives an alert to the respective manager and the driver. In this way, the security is enhanced and this assists the driver to be relaxed too.

Hope the blog caters to the basic queries regarding the ELD mandate.


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