Are you also looking for a solution to export EML format to PDF? If yes, then no need to worry as you are at the correct place because this blog describes the best possible approaches to perform conversion of EML messages to PDF. Read this blog in detail to learn the complete step by step guide to change EML file to PDF with attachments. But, moving from “EML message to PDF” is a quite difficult task. That is why we are here to help you. This write-up consists of all the easy and simple approaches to execute the below-mentioned task. But, before directly jumping to the solution have a quick glance at both the file formats ie. EML and PDF formats.

EML File Format

The EML file extension is basically used to store individual messages and this format is supported by Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc. This format can be generated by using two different approaches and these are described as:

  1. After selecting a particular email, users can easily perform the drag and drop method.
  2. By finding the Outlook Express store location.

PDF File Format

The PDF format was introduced by Adobe and is published by Indian Organization for standardization. This format is used to save the document which can be of any length and an unlimited number of fonts and images. PDF file format is basically designed to create e-books, reports, etc. The areas where these PDF files basically used are:

  1. Legal Documents
  2. Printed Documents
  3. Graphical Development, etc.

The above-discussed file formats are quite different from each other. The first one is used to save emails while the latter one is used to save document files. As already read that there is no similarity between both of these formats. Therefore this process of conversion of EML messages to PDF is even more complex and difficult.

Need to Convert EML Message to PDF Format

In the present day scenario, all the users have become workaholics and they are required to travel from time to time from one place to another. That is why it has become necessary for them to keep their email data along with them wherever they travel. Carrying the EML message develops a bit problematic. Therefore, users prefer to migrate to PDF format. These PDF documents are quite safe to save the complete data such as text, image, etc. It provides two types of password security – first is owner password and the other is User password. The first one is used to place the restriction on the content of Adobe PDF like edit, copy, print and extract the restriction whereas the latter one is used to safeguard the file. So, these are the main reasons for conversion of EML messages to PDF.

How to Save EML File As PDF Manually?

Steps to export EML format to PDF using the Manual Approach are discussed below:

  1. Firstly, open Microsoft Outlook application, choose any email file which you want to migrate to PDF format.
  2. Now, navigate to File Menu → Choose Save As option.
  3. Choose HTML Format to save the email at any particular location.
  4. Go to Office button and click on Save As an option to save EML message to PDF.
  5. In the end, choose PDF format to save the chosen email file.

Note: Users are always advised to take the copy of EML files as a backup. This is because, while performing the conversion of EML files to PDF, sometimes the system gets hanged and at that particular time, there is more probability of losing the data.

Professional Solution to Export EML Message to PDF

The above-discussed Manual Approach to import EML format to PDF but only a single message file can be stored. Using this method, the users are not able to transfer the EML files with attachments. This EML format has the capability to save email files having only Plain Text without Microsoft Outlook and any special formatting including images. To overcome these limitations, users are also provided with the one of the best available option ie. Third-party utility that can easily save EML file as PDF without losing a single bit. One such software is SysTools EML to PDF Converter which is capable of providing quick and accurate results. It also provides users with number of unique features. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Preview EML Message including attachments and perform in-depth mail analysis
  • Search emails and attachments within EML files to filter email items having the suspected terms
  • Allows to print EML files from the interface of the software
  • Provides an option to Quick Scan and load EML files option in order to generate instant preview
  • Save and export the resultant EML files after performing the search operation
  • Compatible with all the Windows versions to export EML message to PDF format


In the above-discussed article, users have come up with the two best possible techniques to perform the conversion of EML messages to PDF. Both the Manual & Automated techniques are described in this blog. Both the methods have their own significance and drawbacks. Users can go for any of these approaches but before selecting any one of these methods, read this complete write-up before opting any of these techniques. Users are suggested to keep the Manual Approach hurdles in mind while converting EML message to PDF.