Times are ‘’a changin’’ and you can use the latest technology to ensure the safety of your children. Gone are the days when parents waited in anxiety for kids to return from school whole and safe, when parents suffered from endless worry about the safety of their children when they were travelling to and from school in their school buses or pool cars. Now with the emergence of various school bus tracking apps you can now keep a track on the whereabouts of the bus or vehicle transporting your child to and from school.

Now you can ensure the safety of your child with a mere click of your fingers. A school bus tracking app is a kind of location based service technology that is used as the name indicates to keep a track of the direction and whereabouts of school buses and notify you about them - so as to maximize the safety of your children.

School buses use a kind of location based technology also known as the Internet of Things which is enabled by machine to machine (M2M) communications to automatically track vehicles. This technology is relies on the strength of internet connection , the quality of the device and the software platform that processes the location data in order to provide real time location updates of the bus your child is travelling in.

There are three components of school bus tracking service viz, an in vehicle tracking unit, a functional network and a management and administrative portal. The in vehicle tracking unit which is installed on or inside the vehicle, provides Real time management in transit - as it collects and dispatches/provides information about the location of the vehicle.

Typically the vehicle tracking the location and the whereabouts of the vehicle needs to have a long battery life and moreover must be secure and tamper proof so as to avoid inaccurate or incorrect transmitted data. The device also sends the location, speed and status of the vehicle to online management and administrative capital.


The second most important component of a vehicle trapping device is the network. The location data is sent from the bus in mainly by a fully functional network. There are currently two types of network, through which ‘satellite and mobile. respectively.


The third and final component of school bus tracking app is the management and administrative portal. This portal is made up of analytics which compares real time data from the school bus against established routes and times that have been sent by the fleet coordinator. Usually the management and administrative portal is available via a web browser or a Smartphone app.


These advanced school bus tracking apps are able to give you accurate and timely information about the location, speed as well as progress of the vehicles your child is travelling in. If there is any deviation or transgression from any of the parameters illustrated above (i.e. routes, time etc) an alarm system is provided so that you can take action immediately.

These are the basic features of a school bus tracker app. The other features of school bus tracker app may include a GPS or Global Positioning System that monitors the speed thereby warning parents against rash and irresponsible drivers. Other features in good school bus tracker app may include route replay, parent alerts, access card and live image capture

There are many advantages of engaging the services of a bus tracker. Following are the advantages of using a high quality school bus tracker -


Optimum Security of your children: A quality bus route tracker ensures the maximum security of your kids while they are travelling to and from school in a bus. It ensures that your children are not endangered by carelessness or ulterior motives of the bus driver. By updating you about the  speed the bus is going at, the routes being taken etc the bus route tracker ensures that you get to know about the whereabouts of your kids and stay safe always.


Peace of Mind: As you get to know about the whereabouts of your kids, you get assured that they are safe, that they are in good hands and they will go to school and arrive safely at home you get more peace of mind and can breathe easy knowing that your children are safe.


Ensures Total and Complete Accountability: One thing the bus route tracker ensures is one hundred percent accountability or responsibility for the drivers, conductors and other stuff in charge of the bus/vehicle in which your child is travelling in. Nowadays relying on the integrity of the staff is risky even with seemingly pristine/spotless credentials even. Rather than blindly relying upon strangers keep them accountable. The best way to keep the staff accountable is through a high quality bus tracking app that notifies you of every movement the bus is taking and alarms you if there is any deviation, thereby ensuring total safety/security for your child.

Therefore if you want to ensure that your child is safe and returns home on time every day, then engage the services of a school bus tracker app today.