Virtual Specialist Chatbot

Recent improvements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has created constructive environment for investors and organizations who wish to create and develop automated chat agent which can imitate human-like behavior. There are various cases where an organization is benefitting due to implementation of a Virtual Assistant in their business. Many well-known websites feature some or the other type of automatic customer chat service, which helps customers with their issues through faster responses and precise problem solving. The Virtual Specialist Chatbot is your virtual employee who helps customers and visitors on your website 24×7. It commits high standards and Zero-errors; it reduces inquiries reaching your phone or email by learning to respond to all common service questions.

About ESDS EnlightBot

We’re closer to Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Programming (NLP) Breakthroughs than ever before. This means that talking to a chatbot can closely become as real as talking to a human. Introducing EnlightBot - which has everything that a customer needs to build a chatbot including channel integration, dialogue flow, AI engine, integration and an easy to use bot builder UI that brings all this together. ESDS’ EnlightBot provides you with a solution that is predictable in terms of cost, ease of use, level of effort and with a rapid time to market.

ESDS’ EnlightBot is designed to support any industry; banks, Insurance, Education, Hospitality, e-commerce, Government, Healthcare, Online Services and Technical support. Smart City initiatives are rapidly increasing their technology capabilities and chatbots are playing a key role in their business. Implementing a chatbot in a business will reduce 80% phone calls and e-mails.

Key Features

  • EnlightBot is AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) enabled by Neural Networks and Machine Learning.
  • ESDS’ EnlightBot can accurately detect the user’s intent & respond appropriately.
  • Avant-Garde experience ensures your users are engaged and are loyal to your service.
  • EnlightBot creates a context-aware conversational dialogue.
  • Dramatically improves conversational experience.

Chatbot Advantage

  • It Improves engagement across the entire customer lifecycle
  • Ability to engage with the customers in a natural and friendly manner
  • Easy to interact using a simpler user interface and interactions are possible through familiar platforms like Facebook chat through (Application Programming Interface) API.
  • Capability to outperform humans due to high speed while handling customer queries
  • Enhanced end user satisfaction due to speed of problem solving
  • Instant Return on Investment
  • Automatic reminders
  • Identifies cross selling and up selling of various products and services
  • Personalized Banking services and Assistance
  • Assists in easy KYC and customer on boarding
  • Provides various analytics reports and exhibits charts & specific insights
  • 24/7 customer Support

What exactly we provide

ESDS’ EnlightBot Virtual Assistant, is an Intelligent bot empowered with – Artificial intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks and Machine Learning. There are mainly 2 types of bots in the market which are - Dumb Bots and AI enabled Bots. A Dumb Bot answers to only a handful of questions through pre-programmed answers preset into them. On other side, an intelligent AI enabled chatbot which is also known as Virtual Assistants, processes Natural Language to understand and generate the information themselves. ESDS’ EnlightBot is AI enabled and is a Level 7 chatbot which facilitates seamless API integration with enterprises subsystems for real-time customer engagement.

We provide you with an Intelligent Bot which dramatically improves the conversational experience, allowing a far more natural conversation between the Bot and the end user. Instead of the end user having to learn a fixed set of keywords that the bot will respond to, an Intelligent Bot is able to understand the user’s intention however it is expressed and respond accordingly. Intelligent Bots will ensure your users keep engaging and coming back to your service.

By using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) powered by Neural Networks and Machine Learning, ESDS’ EnlightBot can accurately detect what the user is trying to achieve (their intent) and respond appropriately with information or results of transactions from API connections to any of your back-end enterprise applications and information sources.

The platform makes it simple and easy to build and train intelligent bots without the need for specialist AI skills. Your bots can then be exposed through many chat and voice channels, a custom mobile app or even your website would do the trick.

Our Product is Enterprise Ready


Dialogue Management, Videos, Images, Emoticons, Voice Technology and is Designed to mimic human interactions.


Switching between Virtual and Real Agent, Business Specific Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

3rd Party Integration

Integration with Backend Systems, API Access, Site Search, Single-Sign-on, Ticketing Systems and Customer Communication Management (CCM) Software.

Scalability and Security

Scalable – Vertical and Horizontal, Automatic Updates.

Success Case

Recently, we bagged our first ever client for EnlightBot in the form of Government of India’s Flagship Project which focuses on boosting MSMEs & Business Enterprises with easy loan processes. SIDBI’S has adopted EnlightBot platform and has named it ‘Samriddhi’.