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Lock Screen Widgets

The widgets are the best-added feature of 4.2 versions. It is one of the most powerful and interesting features of the locked screen. This widget gives you the freedom of live programs running on the locked screen of your device. The initial thing that comes along with this version is the locked screen widgets.

Quick Settings of android application

This enables in quick view and access to the latest updates available. You need not unlock to access these widgets. For example, using the Dash Clock For enables you fetching the data of your own choice. Additionally, it comes handy for the kind of data that is safe to display on your home screen.

Application of various android brilliantly working to take benefits all around the globe. Extensive for android is strong. It helps you customize and expand to add various android apps and options including current weather, miss call alert, new text message and voice messages.

Android app for Customizable Wallpaper

As it is common the most popular additional feature in the new Android 4.2 is the Photo Sphere. This additional software comes handy for capturing and shooting an image with full on 360 degree angle completely. Very nicely developing android more and more quality features of android technology are beautiful and increasing its ranking of users and buyer desperately.

Basic advantage of android is visual effects of all types. Varity of android functions are luminous enough to promote well and have uncounted users in all around the world. You also have the freedom to share it across your friend network.

Useful tips for android applications

If you want to know more about android application then keep visit us regularly, because here we have disclose very briefly about android technology. It will also help to customize different apps; also help to use application in better ways. Modern android application will help to secure more your data and more your future circumstances. This is very often now to handle with new technologies of android; lock screen feature is top best in all other smart phone features.

So, keep these important useful tips in mind and design an amazing and useful Android application for your users. Developing Android based mobile applications is a lucrative business as it involves no licensing charges. It can easily be build the apps for millions of gadgets being in used worldwide and get high rate of android consumers.