Every Indian child is really a “born politician” and understands how to get what she or he wants, Pm Narendra Modi stated on Friday because he advised students who’re facing exams to pay attention to learning without fearing the end result, contend with yourself and never others, and adopt a ‘never give-up’ attitude. PTI

Citing their own experience, Modi stated for him election outcomes were only a “by-product” as his primary drive ended up being to make use of all his time and effort for welfare of citizens. The remarks came throughout his interaction with students in the event Pareeksha Pe Charcha, in front of the Class 12 and 10 board examinations, in the Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi. PTI

The Best Minister’s Office (PMO) had received a large number of questions from students across the nation, varying from stress and parental pressure to yoga and how to approach competition. Students also requested questions through various television news channels, the Narendra Modi Mobile Application, and also the MyGov platform. PTI

Drawing a parallel between board exams and also the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, students from Delhi requested whether Modi was fully prepared or concern about the overall elections. “I usually think that you retain on studying, keep learning and direct all of your focus towards learning…You ought to proceed keeping this because the dharma of existence. Results and marks ought to be the by-product…I follow this theory in politics also,” Modi stated. PTI

Throughout the big event which lasted about one-and-a-half hrs, the pm required questions about a variety of issues, including nervousness, anxiety, concentration, pressure from peers, parents’ expectations, and also the role of teachers. PTI

Noting that each parent sacrifices for child, the pm advised the mother and father not to help make the achievements of the children dependent on social prestige, stressing that each child was fortunate with unique talents. PTI