The world of technology has become so competitive that every day, a significant number of people migrate between email clients. In case of IBM Notes to MS Outlook migration, users also have to export all their NSF files into PST. This work can be smoothly done by NSF to PST Conversion process. Here this product has been chosen for the review that will contain its features as well as its pros and cons.

What is NSF to PST Converter

NSF to PST converter is a migratory application that can convert and NSF items into PST files. All contents of IBM Notes database can be transferred to Outlook data file PST without any kind of trouble. Anyone who wants to go for Lotus Notes to Outlook data export can choose this program without worrying.

The NSF file items can be imported to Outlook 2003 and its all other above versions. It can even be used in the latest Outlook version named Outlook 2016. As this software turns the NSF file into Unicode PST file, all new versions of Outlook will be able to run this file.

The tool contains a simple interface that can be operated by anyone. Users do not need to have technical expertise to perform the migration with the help of this application. Inexperience and novice users will not face any difficulty running the tool. The tool is available in five more languages other than English.

The basic feature of this software is its ability to migrate all NSF file items while keeping the original folder structure and metadata of the source NSF file. Besides migrating the main items, it also exports all types of email attachments.

In Depth NSF to PST Converter Review

Migrating data from one email client to another involves risk of data loss and data corruption. That is why, it is important for the users to know in detail about any solution before choosing it. They must compare the tool with the requirements of their organization and business to find out if the software is suitable for them or not.

File Migration: This application offers easy migration process of IBM NSF files into PST format. Users migrate emails, contacts, calendar, and other items of Lotus Notes to Outlook using this software. This tool contains no chance of data loss and designed to keep all metadata intact even after migration.

Selective Export: Besides complete migration, it also allows users to perform selective migration. As a result, users do not need to export items that they do not need. It also saves a lot of disk space for the users.

Data Filtering: Users can filter their data during selective migration. Filtering can be done using date and category. Both types of filtering are easy to perform as they require only a few clicks.

Mapping Facility: Folder to folder mapping feature is also available in this application. Users can choose the items of a particular NSF folder will be saved in which folder of Outlook.

Advanced Features: The tool contains some advanced features. Users will be able to avail facilities like email attachment migration, encryption removal from encrypted messages, saving emails and contacts together in a single PST, etc. from this program.

If the users are interested to purchase this program, they can try out the trial version of this tool. This version can be downloaded from the official website of the company. Once the tool is testes, users can proceed to purchase the tool. The payment process is done through the secured gateway, so users can be assured of the privacy of their personal data.

NSF to PST Converter Pricing

The pricing of this tool starts from $149. There are three different licenses available and users can choose the one they need. The price range varies according to the license as Technician license and Enterprise license cost $500 and $1500 respectively.

Primary Pros vs. Cons of NSF to PST Converter

There are ample benefits of using this particular software for NSF to PST conversion. If your organization chooses to use this software, they can enjoy these pros:

Complete Migration: Users can avail the benefit of complete NSF file migration with this program. It exports all NSF file data including emails, contacts, calendar, journals, notes, tasks, etc. Users do not have to use any other tool for migrating some items of NSF file.

Original Lotus Notes Configuration not Needed: This application requires the user to have Lotus Notes installed and configured in the system. However, it will function properly even when a dummy account has been configured. Thus, users do not need to have an IBM Notes account in order to run this tool.

Option to Split Output PST File: If the NSF file contains a huge amount of data, the size of the PST file will also be massive. For the benefit of storing and sharing, users can choose to have the PST file divided into multiple parts. There is an option in this software to split the output PST file as per the user defined size. It allows users to save the NSF file data in multiple PST files of their chosen size.

Lotus Notes Compatibility: The Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook tool supports multiple versions of IBM Lotus Notes. People using Lotus Notes 9.0 and all its below versions can run this application.

Like every other software, this is also not free of limitations: some of the drawbacks of this software are:

Not Compatible with Mac OS: This tool has been developed to support only the Windows OS systems. It does not support Mac OS run machines due to lack of compatibility.

Does not Function without Lotus Notes: For this utility to function, Lotus Notes installation is compulsory. In a system that does not have IBM Notes email installed, this tool will not work.


If your organization is facing the necessity of converting NSF files in PST, this application is the most suitable approach for them. It can migrate all data located in an NSF file and export it into a PST file. Whether it is about migration or syncing, NSF to PST Converter is the perfect tool to export IBM Notes data in MS Outlook.