Companies are able to increase their conversion rates thanks to these videos. Many online marketers also send them by email to people on their èmail lists. The other great advantage is that they help to increase the Google ranking (they leave earlier in results) of the websites that offer them. If you are planning to use a video explainer on your website, and do it well, you need to know this:

  1.  The video must be very short in length . Most videos are only one minute long, although some of them are longer. Three minutes is the absolute maximum for these videos because there is a possibility that people will stop seeing at one point, thus losing what is in the last part of the video.
  2. I should get to the point immediately . Internet users have very little time in general and expect to get information immediately. It is unlikely that we will get another opportunity to communicate with a potential customer who has stopped watching explainer video.
  3.  The focus should be on benefits and not on features. The key to selling something is to give the right answer when a potential customer asks, “what is the benefit for me”? The purpose of the video is to draw attention, not make a sale. If a person is interested in the video, they will see it and then from our website we will make the sale.
  4. The video must have a very high quality . This includes audio and not just video. If the production is of poor quality it will not give you the results you want and it will also have a bad impact on your business.
  5. Do not go crazy with special effects , as they can be a great distraction from the message you are trying to convey. The special and post-production effects only serve to raise the self-esteem of the one who does it.