Face, plays a very crucial part in human identity, it is not only a highly sensitive region of sense but a basic foundation for expressing emotions. Face is a feature that best describes humans and it is considered as a salient determinant of beauty. It consists of several distinct areas among which the highly expressive features are the eyes and the above lying eye brows. Eye brow tattooing is the hottest trend in the cosmetic world. All those who desire a natural look on their eye brows that last, are opting for eyebrows microblading.

Microblading uses an electric hand tool or a manual tool. It is a technique used to enhance your eye brows with the help of a semi permanent tattoo where tiny needles are used to deposit pigments to get more realistic results.

Before you opt for eyebrows microblading, here are some key aspects you need to consider:

  1. Selecting a certified Esthetician and cosmetic tattoo specialist: Since microblading enhances your facial features great care must be taken while selecting a tattoo artist to create super fine hair strokes that look legit.

  2. How microblading works: A bundle of needles are used to deposit pigment on skin to draw perfect hair stroke pattern as per the ethnicity and desired clientele features.

  3. What you should know :

- Prices for eye brow microblading may vary depending upon the artist expertise and location, average procedure may cost between $ 450 to $ 800 (USD) .

- It may take around 2 hours to complete the entire microblading procedure.

- Your brow area might become red and scabby for the first week or two.

- Excessive sweating near the eye brows may prevent pigment retention.

- Avoid using exfoliants like retinol and glycolic acid near the brows since it can fade the pigment.

- Maintaining hygiene by cleaning the brow area with distilled water and a cotton pad and applying aftercare cream is advisable.

- You may require a touch-up every month.

4. How long microblading last: Depending on your lifestyle and the pigment quality used by your tattooing artist, microblading can last anywhere from twelvemonths to three years.

Career Opportunities

Eyebrows Microblading is not only done by professional cosmetic makeup artist but a complete novice can also become a permanent microblading practitioner.

Irina Chen, the founder of WorldMicroblading is the innovator of modern microblading technique called as “The Dual blade Method “ and a perfect guide for those who aspire to become a microblading professional. Irina Chen, along with her team provides training on basic and intensive levels. Their training program includes:

  • Documentation from clientele.

  • Identifying skin undertones.

  • Neutralizing and covering up of old tattoo.

  • 6D hyper realistic eyebrows with new dual blade method.

  • Live models to practice on.

  • Tattoo correction and unlimited lifetime support.

  • 3 days basic training and 5 days intensive training programs

Isn’t it a blessing to stop worrying about your eyebrows, stash away the salon visits and meanwhile earn a healthy income per month as a professional microblading practitioner?

Indeed, it is! The future is here at WorldMicroblading!

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