Faulty MacBook Screen Hinges - Myth or Reality

In this article I want to tell you, dear readers, about a rather interesting, but at the same time to dispel the myth - failure hinges on the lids of laptops Apple. The Internet is still rumored that over time, allegedly by opening the laptop screen starts to either grind or loses its former elasticity and begins to hang out in all directions. In very advanced cases, the screen lid closed at all stops and then completely fall off, connecting with a laptop only through the wire.

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As you probably noticed, on the one hand, the screen is a bit warped and formed a noticeable crack. It is clear that the source of the problem is that most mythical loop, with a light touch, that laptop lid begins to randomly shake typical sound. Certainly with prolonged use of such faulty mechanism does not take long, and one of the hinges that hold the screen, simply break. But for now, let’s leave this unhappy buyer from potential breakage and consider the nature of the problem. One has only to note that the video shows the very first model of MacBook Air, introduced in 2008. At the same time, I found some interesting gadgets, MacBook air screws and MacBook Pro 15 vinyl decal, and I don’t know that if you need them or not.

Visit the official Apple support page, where users typically talk about their pressing issues, I could not find anything regarding this topic, basically, all trying to decorate the challenges of the new iPad. Then I decided to turn to the professionals in this field for a long time engaged in the repair of laptops Apple. The answer came immediately - their service is appreciated nerves and so annoyed breakage users.

I hope you enjoyed my little investigation of the myth or the truth of MacBook screen hinge, and I will be glad to know that the MacBook users can now have peace of mind for their loved computers.

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