Facebook is rolling out a fresh function to aid blood donors, and the individuals who need it in India find each other.

On Oct. one, India’s Nationwide Blood Donor Working day, Facebook will start prompting users to sign up as blood donors. Individuals will see the prompt within their timelines, and may tag by themselves as donors in their profiles, and select to share this with friends.

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Inside the weeks after, it’s going to then permit people or organisations seeking blood to make posts to ask for for it. The post may be geotargeted, so it pushes a notification to tagged donors who’re nearer to the searching for get together.

When donors acknowledge the request, organisations will be capable to achieve them privately by way of phone get in touch with, or Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp platforms.

Facebook says this feature is serving a true require. India faces a blood lack, in which it has about 10 percent less donated than it wants. Over 38,000 donations are required each day to deal with the deficit for your numerous numerous major surgeries which are performed.

“People are utilizing Facebook virtually countless numbers of occasions every week to search for blood donors,” Hema Budaraju, a Facebook product manager, advised CNN.

The function will initial come to Android apps as well as the mobile web version, which can be the techniques most Indians interact with Facebook.

Facebook is inviting individuals in India to go to facebook.com/donateblood to sign up for the good cause.