In the world of full technology, the only thing constant is change. What is trending today may  get outdated tomorrow. Keeping up with the fast-changing trends in the industry is indeed an unnerving task for a software development agency. However, to make a long-term influence on the industry, recognizing a technology’s potential can enable you to differentiate between trends and fads.

Following are the top five software development trends for 2018.

Blockchain developers in high-demand

This year, you might have heard a lot about Blockchains. In 2017, we saw many technology giants introducing their blockchain platforms and IBM is the leading among them. Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle are close behind more and more companies are connecting the bandwagon for enterprise-level blockchain dominance. Blockchains being distributed databases are helpful undoubtedly but the   benefits come at a price. This is because building distributed applications are very hard. Developing and testing them is also way too difficult. Blockchains applications can help you build new and more effective business processes.  Before you reap the benefit you have to overcome certain experiments. Keep your eyes open for this growing technology. According to 2016 figures, there were only 5000 full-time blockchain developers in the world.  Surely that number increased in 2018. And in 2018, we would begin to see more ventures at this disruption process trough business-class blockchain platform.

Virtual reality might go mainstream

2017, was the first full-end year of commercially available VR headsets but didn’t witness much adoption. Although, Facebook’s Oculus Rift were the leaders in the full power VR system. Sales of less than 1 million units have been reported between the two.  What would it take for VR to go mainstream? To truly become the part of people’s lives, the following things must happen lower prices, better and more comfortable gear, universally appealing content. Both systems, are however making a big move to expand in 2018. Both the companies have considerably slashed prices on their flagship VR headsets. They would be much lighter and also start at a much lower price for appealing new customers. Facebook revealed that Oculus Go will start at $199. On the entertainment side of the industry storytelling is creating better and more immersive stories.  Star Wars, secrets of the empire is a fully-immersive VR ride which merges virtual and physical elements into an adventure game. This game would help you to become a part of star wars universe and story as well. In 2018, its time to collaborate with developers to give wings to your ideas and make you VR app a reality.

Artificial intelligence became a necessity

In order to stay relevant, businesses need to adapt AI. Voice-activated home assistants, big data, smartphones, and insight as service vendors will all have big years as a result of this AI adoption. But, this year the biggest winners are the data scientist and Chief data officers who will be high demand for a long time. Artificial intelligence and machine learnings are helping businesses for transforming in three ways. Digitizing the user experience, changing the value proposition of smart product and automating the large-scale process managed by employees. Forrester predicts that AI will blur the boundaries between structured and unstructured data. And about 50% of CDO’s will start directly reporting to their CEO. Over 13% data related jobs on are for data engineers compared to 1% for a data scientist. AI will most likely have concerns that reach beyond business. Already, visionaries like Elon Musk and world leaders like Vladimir Putin believe AI has the power to change the world landscape. This is something to keep an eye on and at least stay in touch with software development agencies and invest in AI-powered web design solutions.

Internet of things move closer to the edges

Today almost everything, from smart home appliances to deep sea oil rigs, cars to the road, is now converting into a big data-generator. In fact, your toothbrush can collect data about your brushing behavior and can share it with your dentist to ensure better dental health. These devices collect an enormous amount of data to explore cheaper and faster methods of processing data. That’s how edge computing is going to play a role in 2018. Edge computing usually means processing data of the network or near the device using a mesh of micro-data centers. The centralized data center, allows companies to save time and money required to port all the data. Additionally, the ability to examine data closer to the source will have the following benefits.

  • Minimization of latency.
  • Discount of load on the internet.
  • Upgrading in privacy and security
  • Reduction in data management costs.

However, the cloud will endure playing a vital role in the internet of things, collecting critical data and performing analyses on this huge set of information to gain insights that can be spread back to the edge IOT devices.

Cyber security reaches an inflation point

You won’t disagree that 2017 has been a terrible year for the private information on the web. Every institution, organization and government regulation has security in the top of mind. Which means resources will be flowing to develop new solutions. Cybersecurity initiatives can be divided into two categories internal and external. Internal business wiles will be focused on building security into their software. Venture capitalists are flooding cybersecurity startups with capital to the tune of $3.4 Billion in 2016. 43% of cyberattacks are targeted at small and medium-sized businesses.  So as a small and medium-sized business owner, your step would be to get your business’s website developed by highly professional software companies.

Final words

AS 2018 is here, our software developers have put on their creative caps and are concentrating on these trends. However, trends are explosive, we firmly believe that these five trends are here to stay and grab your attention assisting you to stay relevant and active in your industry.

Author bio

Nancy Lamas is working at an award-winning and internationally recognized mobile app development Singapore based Company. She loves swimming and spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys watching tennis, playing basketball and is a golden state warrior fan. She has worked and speaks at a number of conferences regarding latest trends in software development.