It’s no secret that customers have expectations when they head in to pick up their food order or have it delivered to their home. One of their most significant requirements, and in turn frustrations, is that the order isn’t always accurate. There’s nothing worse than calling in an order only to find that when the meal is laid out on the table, something is missing. When this happens frequently, it can put customer retention at risk and cause issues with a location’s reputation. With the help of online ordering system software, it is possible to get the order right every time.

Customer Input

Despite having a well organized online menu, there are still going to be special requests. Someone is going to want a pizza that only has toppings on one side. Someone is going to order a sandwich or a burger and request that some of the toppings are removed. The right online ordering system software allows customers to make selections from the menu and then customize each one to their specifications. This strikes the perfect balance between a set menu and a customer’s ability to make changes to an order.

After adding an item to their cart, customers can type out specific instructions to be followed for that menu item. Unlike making notes during a phone call, the information is sure to be accurate and will be delivered to the kitchen staff exactly the way it is written. This cuts back on the common mistakes that are often made when information is relayed verbally.


Mad customers are never fun to deal with. They didn’t get what they ordered, and they are sure that it is your fault. With the online ordering system software, customers are entering their own information. They are responsible for whatever directions are written out. At the same time, the receipt offers detailed information about what was ordered and what was requested. It takes a lot of the pressure off the restaurant and the staff stuck dealing with an outraged customer.

This doesn’t mean that you can just suggest angry customers take a look at the receipt when their order is wrong. Instead, it may help to look over the order together and go over the instructions. Most people will realize the mistake that they made early on, and the issue will be pushed aside quickly. It’s hard to be mad at the restaurant when the customer knows that he or she is at fault, and there’s no question who is at fault when the changes the customer requested are clearly listed.

It doesn’t matter if a customer places an order for a cheeseburger - hold the cheese - or several pizzas, each with specific instructions on where the pizza toppings should go; an online ordering system can make the communication between the customer and business easier. This ensures that orders come out accurately, keeping the customers happy and allowing a business to thrive.

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