Hazards Of Online Converters Not To Avoid

When searching for a file converter online, you get a numerous suggestions where you are asked to upload the file and download the file in your desired format. It takes no less than two minutes or more. But wait! Is it really that easy and safe? Before choosing any online converter free go through these key factors to avoid any kind of hazards that could be destructive for you.


Safety comes first. Usually online converters urge you to upload the file then select your desired and format and after a while you can download the converted file. But do you really trust the website? How can you be so sure that with that file you are not downloading any kind of viruses and trojans on your computer. And there are sites that ask you to provide your confidential information such as Email so they can save your email in the database and keep throwing unwanted emails to you. It’s hard to analyze which site could be considered as legit.


Getting the quality converted files has always been a mission. When choosing an online convertor you always look towards the resulted while whether it stands up to your expected quality or it’s just a lousy conversion of the uploaded file. Always go with the option that could deliver you the high quality result so you don’t have to compromise with the lousy converted files.


As a disclaimer every other online converter claims that “Don’t worry, we will delete your files as soon as the conversion is finished” But don’t take it too seriously especially when you are trying to convert private design related files.  You can use the online converters if you can afford to share your files with other. Yet make sure they don’t store your private data.

Large file sizes

Nearly all the online file converters supports a limited file sizes. Generally the limit is around 50-100 MB maximum. Then there are some websites that restrict users to allow limited conversion per day, as these are free converter websites the developer has to make sure that the site keeps running up and each user can avail the facility.

These were the key factors that you must check before using an online file converter. Keep a check before proceeding to uploading your file on any online converters so you may avoid any drawbacks.

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