Businesses have always been dependent on the analytics they carry out to uncover insights and trends in their field to learn more out of the situation. The concept of Big Data analytics has been around for many decades helping entrepreneurs to dig into their data manually to find most useful patterns and shifts in the market. This concept has evolved throughout the years and the method to analyze big data has also changed. Big Data cannot be processed through any traditional application software because there are tools like Hadoop and platforms like cloud based technologies to mine large amounts of data. The analytics provide organizations with an efficient way to stay agile in their business.

Importance of Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics assists organizations to effectively utilize their data to identify new fields in their business to create opportunities which are nothing but a very smart business move. Data analytics automatically results in efficient operations, more profits and a happy customer base. Enterprises acquire significant cost advantages when we talk about storage because cloud-based analytics platform takes care of this particular issue. With Hadoop, which has in-memory analytics, organizations can take faster and better decisions because Hadoop has the ability to analyze various sources of data and then businesses are able to process this information immediately. New products and services can be produced with the help of analytics by studying the customer’s needs. More and more companies are now paying attention to these needs by creating services to satisfy the customer.

How Big Data is shaping the education sector

Schools, universities, colleges and educational bodies hold very large amounts of data related to students and faculty. This data can be analyzed to get insights that can improve operational effectiveness of the educational institutions. Student’s behavior, examination results and development of each student as well as the education needs based on the changing educational requirements, can be processed through statistical analysis. Big Data paves the way for revolutionary system where students will learn in exciting ways.

Let us have a look at some of the fields in Education Sector which will be highly impacted due to Big Data:

Students’ Results

When big data is implemented in an education sector, the entire educational body reaps the benefits of this technology along with students and parents. Measuring a student’s academic performance is through exams and the results they produce.  Each student generates a unique data trail during his or her lifetime, which can be analyzed for better understanding of a student’s behavior to create the best possible learning environment. Big data analytics monitors student’s activity such as their favorite subjects, their classroom performance, curricular activity interests, time they take to finish an exam and many other things within a student’s educational environment. A report can be constructed which will indicate the interest areas of a student.

Analytics of Educators

Educators can reap maximum benefits of Big data analytics due to the processing of data-driven systems which can help institutions create many learning experiences according to a student’s learning capability, ability and preference. Multiple programs can be fostered which will encourage each individual to choose what they desire to learn and through this many reports can be generated in the life of a student and what they would like to do or be in the future. Educators can improve their teaching skills after receiving feedback for a better learning experience equally for all students.

Career prediction

Digging deep into a student’s performance report will help the responsible authority to understand a student’s progress and their strengths and weaknesses. The reports will suggest the areas in which a student is interested and he/she can further pursue a career in the same field. If a student is keen on learning a particular subject, then the choice should be appreciated and encouraged to follow what the student believes in.


Big Data analytics are present in each and every field and it provides with valuable information. It lets you do things which were never dreamed before. Important decisions can be made to improve the current scenario and it is only possible if you carry out predictive big data analytics.