How to choose your Electricians in London and Essex

How to choose your Electricians in London and Essex

When it comes to electricians in London and Essex there is always big decisions to make, this is due to such high volumes. The idea with this article is to help you decipher the good from the bad. For instance if you were to go and google “electrician London” you would get various different types of electricians come up. First of all if we look at the google search its self, there is going to be 3 sections. The top three/four and the righthand side will be advertisements. This will be on a paid per click basis and no work would have been done to achieve there ranking right? My attitude to this is why spend money at something when if you do it right it is free. Then there will be a section of googles local businesses, this can work out well, you can get reviews and the website owner would have worked to achieve some kind of ranking. The last section is the main body of the google search are, this is where the companies who work hard on there sites will be found, it is usually the preferred section for clients as the website generally hold the best information.

Once you have decided where to pick you electrician, you will come up with the task of picking the electrician that will do the best job for you. For instance you electrician Essex may not be able to travel to London. Or they may not carry out the electrical service that you require. This is why Trade Facilities Services have decided to help by coming up with a list of questions that maybe good to have on board when selecting your local electrician.


1: What areas do you cover? This is an important question as some electrician may only cover 1 area of London. Where others will cover everything within the M25

2: What electrical work do you undertake? There are electrical companies that only do specific things, like electrical inspection and testing or Installation work. There are also automobile specific electricians.

3: Are you registered with a governing body? This is an important question as you will know the company has to adhere to the required rules set out. Below is a couple listed but there are others out there so do your research.



4: What are your terms of payment? This is an important question, some electricians may work on 30 days but others will want payment upfront. Ensure to ask 

5: Can you offer a discount? This is a question that can work to save some money, be careful when doing this though as the electrician may look for cheaper material alternatives when looking at his cost. Always remember, “pay to cheap and you may pay twice”.

Going through the questions above can help a lot, be sure to get all the information you need. If you find a good trader, make sure you return the favour. You can do this in several ways, give them a good online review, refer them to friends for work, send them an email with praise or even offer a tip. You will prob get a discount the next time round and get this back anyway.

For all helpful information take a look at Trade Facilities Services, there is plenty of helpful information on the  website in regards to inspection and testing.

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