How to get unlock codes for the iPhone 6?

How to get unlock codes for the iPhone 6?

Apple devices are some of the most widely sold in the world, especially their smartphones, an estimated 500 million plus people use their iPhone range of smartphones. Chief amongst the models is the iPhone 6, which was the first device to feature a new thinner build and a bigger 4.8-inch screen. It also had a class-leading processor and RAM specifications.

The 6 and the bigger 6 plus sold over 10 million units on the day of launch and since then have crossed 200 million in sales. A big chunk of the devices sold is through contract options, which allows the purchase of the mobile without paying the full retail price. The customers just have to pay a small fee on a monthly basis.

The contract is offered by various networks and customers often get lured in too easily. The prospect of owning the latest iPhone and false promises of great service and unlimited data, often coax people into purchasing the phone on the wrong network.

Often times, the complaints about bad network range and high tariffs are common. If you are in the same boat of customers, with an iPhone 6 and have either finished your contract or are tired of the network issues, there is a solution; unlocking your device.

How do you unlock an iPhone?

The process can be done in many ways, but the safest and the most popular way is through the IMEI unlock. It uses the IMEI code of your phone and changes the status from locked to unlocked. The process requires no unlock codes for iPhone 6. You, however, need to go to a service or a website which can unlock the device for a fee. The reason is that the service will have access to the Apple database of global IMEI numbers and they can edit the status of your device.

This method is extremely safe and secure and is guaranteed to work 100% of the time. It also will only take a few minutes for it to work.

What advantages will unlocking the device give me?

The first is that you can now use your smartphone on virtually any network across the world. So you can now say goodbye to that choppy network service and switch to a service provider which has the plans that suit your needs. Another advantage is that you now can sell your phone for a much higher price, than when it is locked. This can be attributed to the fact that an unlocked phone can work on any network and hence is more desirable to a potential buyer. But for that to work, your phone also needs to be in pretty good condition.

So if you are on the lookout for a new device and are lacking the necessary funds, unlocking your device and selling it can get you the money required. If you are planning on using it, then unlocking just gives you the option to change carriers. Either way, the choice seems obvious, unlock your phone and use it hassle-free.

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