Gmail is a free web-based email service, which offers a great storage capacity, search capabilities and easy access to any platform. For accessing the Google account, an internet connection and a web browser are required. If a user wants to take a backup of its Gmail account files, one can easily download emails and stored it on the local Drive. But backup data on local storage have some issues such as hard drive corruption, virus attack, backup file accidentally deleted. Perhaps, all the stored data will be lost in all these cases. To protect the emails, a user can import the Gmail emails to some secure location like Thunderbird, it is a desktop-based email service. A user can also configure its Gmail id in the Thunderbird account and can access all the folders. Today in this article, the readers will find out an appropriate solution to import Gmail Emails to Thunderbird

Commonly Asked User’s Queries:

  • From the last 4 years, I am using Gmail and now I want to access my Gmail email on my Thunderbird account also so that I can easily access my both the account data on a single application. Is there any kind of method available for the same?”

  • “Hello, I am running a start-up company in Delhi. Initially, I used Gmail account in my organization for the communication purpose between the employees and employers. But, now I switched to Thunderbird application and wants to migrate all the Gmail data into the Thunderbird account. As I have a large number of emails, which takes lots of time when done manually. So, can you suggest me any tool that can import my Gmail email to Thunderbird”?

A Perfect Solution to Import Gmail Emails to Thunderbird

For importing the Gmail emails to Thunderbird, you need to export Gmail emails locally in MBox file format. It requires the involvement of a third-party tool. Now, there is a number of third-party tools available online but which tool is better for the user. The user can take help of one of the widely used tools named as SysTools Gmail Backup to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird. This utility will save all Gmail mailbox items locally on PC in Mbox/EML/PST file formats. Then further, a user can easily import this Mbox file to Thunderbird. Before this take a look at advance feature Of SysTools Gmail Backup Utility.

Advanced Features of Gmail Backup Tool

  • It takes backup of Emails, Contacts, Calendars, and Documents from the Gmail.

  • It also supports backup Gmail to Outlook, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail and so on.

  • It provides an option Resume Interrupted Backup. During the process, if the internet connectivity is lost then with the help of this option, the process can be paused at that time and can be resumed later.

  • It supports multiple file formats such as Export as MSG, Export as PST, Export as EML, Export as MBOX.

  • Also, provides a complete report after the completion of a process.

There are two steps involved in this process. First, convert Gmail email to MBOX format and then import MBOX files into Thunderbird.

Step 1: Convert Gmail email to MBOX File

  1. Initially, download the SysTool Gmail Backup Software on the local machine

  2. Once the Gmail Backup Tool is installed in the system, go to All Programs and launch the application

  1. A new window will appear on the screen. It shows Login to Gmail Backup. Now, you have to log in with its Google account credentials. After filling the credentials, click on the Login button.

  2. SysTools Gmail Backup Software

  3. After Login, a message will appear to redirect the Gmail account. Click on the OK button. Now, again fill your Google account credential for which the backup is to be taken and Click Next. A new window appears, Click on Allow button to make the tool access to the Gmail.

  4. On the next step, select the MBOX file format in which user wants to take the backup. You can independently choose the file format as 4 types of file format are available

  5. Now, you can choose the folders such as Email, Calendar, Document, Contact, and browse the location, on which the MBOX file of your chosen folder would be the store.

  6. Select MBox Format

  7. You can apply filters also to migrate a certain amount of data from a certain period of time to MBOX. Then, click on the Start button.

  8. Once the all data converted to MBOX File. You can view the MBOX file on the location that is chosen earlier.

  9. Successfully Export as MBOX file format

Import the MBOX File to Thunderbird

  1. Initially, download and install the Import and Export tool from the Mozilla official website at saving it at a particular location

  2. Open Thunderbird and click on Tools >> Add-ons. After that, a manager tab will appear

  3. Click on the Gear icon and choose Install Add-on from file option

  4. Now, browse the .xpi file that you have downloaded in step 1 and click Open. It takes some time. Then, click on the Install Now button

  5. After that, Exit Thunderbird

  6. Next, open Thunderbird again and click on the Local Folders to save the MBOX file there. Click on Tools >> ImportExportTools >> Import MBOX file and click OK

  7. Browse to the location of Gmail emails extracted files and click on the Open button to import Gmail emails to Thunderbird

  8. Now, the Gmail Emails is successfully imported into the Thunderbird.


When it comes to importing important files or folders of Gmail account to Thunderbird, one can take help of Gmail Backup Tool. It is a very convenient method to perform this and a user-friendly solution. Do not wait for losing your Gmail data, just download the tool and securely save your data in the Thunderbird.