How to Import Zoho Mail to Outlook 2016/13/10/07 in an Effortless Way

Zoho Mail is an internet suite of different services like email services, social connectivity, and many more. It provides great advantages to the business users. It is because users can manage and organize their tasks, activities, work etc., with the help of Zoho mail account. Though Zoho provides the unique feature to its users, people still think that to Import Zoho Mail to Outlook will be a better option. The reason for adding Zoho email to Outlook is that the Outlook provides more advanced security.

Workaround to Export Zoho Mail to Outlook

The complete procedure to export data from Zoho Mail account is broken down into two major steps:

  • Step 1: Backup Zoho Mail
  • Step 2: Import EML Files into PST

To add Zoho Mail to Outlook, a user needs to follow these manual steps:

Step 1: Create Backup of the Zoho Mails

1. Launch the Zoho Mails application
2. Click on Settings
3. Choose the Mail settings and then select the option as Import/Export Messages
4. Navigate to the Export Window. Select the desired mailbox which you want to transfer to Outlook
5. Search the Store Location and pick up a particular mail that you want to export
6. In next step, you are required to choose the duration from the drop-down box. Press on the Submit button
7. After a due course of time, you will get an email with the reference URL. You will get this email on the same ID by which you have sent the request.

Note: By clicking on the URL, you can easily download the ZIP file. Also, you can unzip the file making the use of 7Zip or WinRAR app. After doing this, the exported data can be viewed in EML file format.

Step2: Import Backed up EML File to MS Outlook PST

To configure Zoho Mail on Outlook, you have to go through the procedure in step by step manner:

1. Open the Microsoft Outlook and EML supporting email client on your personal system.
2. Click on the File option. Then, select the option Export. At the next stage, you have to choose the email messages
3. Select the Exchange Server followed by the Next option
4. A message will prompt on the screen stating that All emails will be exported to Exchange Server or Outlook. Press on OK button to set up Zoho Mail on Outlook
5. Choose an option whether you want to export the entire email folder or some of the emails present in that folder. Then, click on the option OK
6. After the export procedure is done, a message stating successful completion of the export process will open up on the screen.
7. At last, click on finish button

Limitations of the Manual Approach

There are some of the limitations associated with the manual method. These are:

  • The manual process involves many steps. Hence, the procedure becomes lengthy and time-consuming
  • Technical skills are required to export Zoho to Outlook
  • To carry out the conversion, both Zoho Mail and Outlook needs to be installed in the local system.

A Professional Solution to Add Zoho Mail to Outlook

An alternative to the manual approach is to use the third-party tools like Zoho Backup software. This is the automated solution to transfer the emails from Zoho Mail to Outlook. According to the experts, it is the master solution to import Zoho Mail to Outlook. Some of the features which have left the other technologies far behind are:

  • Software supports to backup Zoho emails to PST file format
  • The export process can be paused and resumed at any instant
  • Server storage can be cleaned by delete after download feature
  • Zoho Mail credentials are not saved anywhere in the database
  • Items of Zoho Mail like Inbox, draft, trash etc., are backed up
  • Provides the safe and secure backup of single user accounts

The Final Words

Although Zoho Mails provides the distinct features to its users, they still feel the need to import Zoho Mail to Outlook account. This is because of the reason that Microsoft Outlook provides a very high level of security. So, the manual approach is discussed to migrate the data from one platform to another. But, due to some of the drawbacks, it is advised to go with the automated approach.

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