With the aptitude to safely store a variety of products reaching from food to sensitive electrical equipment, this style of pouch packaging provides a secure, airtight seal that avoids damage and contamination.

The Pillow Pouch is an adaptable design that can easily accommodate liquids, solids, powders and almost any other kind of product you can envisage. This kind of product packaging is a very prevalent choice for a number of reasons. Not only are Pillow Pouches easy to store and transport, but they are also very reasonable. Additionally, they provide a back, top and bottom seal for guaranteed freshness and quality. The team offers a wide collection of sizes and styles to suit the detailed needs of any product. The team will take into account your product provisions as well as any regulations obligatory to produce a high quality, flexible packaging solution that you can be sure of on.



Obtain product packaging with advanced customization possibilities to suit any product or application. Consumer-friendly features like tear notches, resalable zippers or clear windows can also take your product to the next level. Whether you want custom printed Pillow Pouches or high barrier static shielding to protect your electrical parts – team caters all.

Pillow Pouches offer unconventional flexibility, control and convenience so it’s no surprise this kind of pouch packaging has expanded such a strong reputation within the packaging industry. There’s not much that can’t be packaged in a Pillow Pouch. Below are just a few ways the customers use this adaptable packaging design:

  • Potato chip packaging
  • Packaging for spices
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Liquid or Powder supplement packaging
  • Toy packaging
  • Packaging for electrical components (relays, circuit boards, etc.)
  • Cereal packaging
  • Liquid detergent packaging
  • Packaging for yogurts
  • Frozen meat packaging

A leader in the flexible packaging industry, the team is proud to provide the customers with custom-designed Pillow Pouches that will sufficiently address a number of flexible packaging needs. Whether you’re in requirement of food packaging, toy packaging, or safe, protective packaging for your electrical components, team can effectively assess your needs and meet them with traditional or custom Pillow Pouches.


100% recyclable polyethylene film


Vacuum packed products entail less storage space than rigid or semi-rigid packages.


The multi-layer films presented on the market offer exceptional product storage at a concentrated packing support cost.

With innumerable FFS machines operating in the pillow-pouch packaging field, THIMONNIER designs and shapes vertical form-fill-seal machines for a wide range of food liquid products, pasteurized or sterilized. All know-how and the technology, the brilliance of service and the strong presence on the international market, safeguards the equipment has a high degree of efficiency and consistency.