With the improvements in Microsoft Outlook functionality and its features, the drawback regarding the file size issue has been reduced to a considerable extent. Hence, the users who have created small PST files in the older version of the Microsoft Outlook are looking for measures to join them and turn them into a large-sized PST file which can be used as a single Outlook data file.

Merge Multiple PST Files Without any 2 GB File Size Limitation

No doubt, Microsoft Outlook is a well-known name in the world of email service providers, it still possesses some drawbacks. In the older versions of MS Outlook, ANSI PST files were formed. The maximum permitted file size was of 2 GB. On condition that the data stored does not cross the defined limit, the Outlook data file works properly. But, as soon as the size of the file exceeds, the users will start facing issues like degraded performance, corruption, etc.

Fortunately, Microsoft has fixed this issue in the upgraded versions of the Outlook like Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016. In these latest editions, there is no such issue with file size. But, nowadays a new problem is observed among many users. People who have created PST files in older editions want to import their small sized PST files into a single larger Outlook data file. Thus, it is required to merge multiple PST files.

Need to Merge PST in Outlook

There are many reasons due to which a user needs to merge PST file in Outlook 2010. Some of them are listed below:

  • Handle and organise the PST files easily
  • To assemble the PST files from different places
  • Migrate the older PST files into new MS Outlook versions
  • The merging procedure will remove all the duplicate items present in the PST file. This will leads to increment in free space
  • For faster retrieval and searching process within Outlook PST files

Professional Solution to Merge PST Files in Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013,2016

The commercial solution to merge multiple PST files into one is to use the automated tool like PST merge software. The tool has some unique features which have left other technologies far behind. It yields the accurate and effective result in the least time possible.

Benefits of SysTools PST Merge Software

Some of the advantages offered by the PST merge tool are explained in detail below. Users can have a look at the specialty of this merger tool.

1. Three Different Options to Merge PST File

The PST merge utility facilitates the user with three different options:

  • Join Multiple PST Files
  • Merge Outlook PST Files
  • Merge Contacts Folders

In join option, a new PST folder is created. In merge option, users can combine the PST files in a single file. Merge contacts allow the user to recombine the contacts of different PST files.

2. Merge and Eliminate Duplicate Elements

The Outlook PST merge software allows the user to combine several PST files and remove the repetitive items simultaneously, if any. It is needed to select or deselect the option of remove duplicate option, if required.

3. Insert Folder to Combine Outlook PST Files

If it is desired to fuse numerous PST files, it is not needed to add PST file one by one. The utility provides an option of “add folder”. This is responsible for performing merging of two or more PST files in batch. A user can also add one file at a time with the option of “Add files”.

4. Generates the Summary Report

As soon as the merging process begins, the tool displays the live status of the operation. Once the process is complete, a complete report comes up on the screen showcasing the details such as number and name of PST files, duplicate items found, the status of the process and so on.

5. Include/ Exclude Deleted Elements

While merging PST file in Outlook 2016, a feature is provided to exclude deleted items folder. The tool will not fuse deleted elements folder in the resultant PST file. This will minimize the time required to merge PST files.

6. Split Large-Sized Resultant PST File

There are chances that the resultant PST obtained after merging process needs to be broken down into smaller part. This utility provides an option to do so. Also, the tool merges UNICODE and ANSI PST files into a single UNICODE PST filename.

The Bottom Line

In the older versions of the Microsoft Outlook, the PST files formed were granted the storage space of 2GB only. If the size of the data file is more than that, it will result in the reduction of performance factor and corruption of files. All these drawbacks were overcome in newer editions. But, now users want to recombine the smaller PST files formed in previous versions. Support of SysTools PST merge software. According to the experts, it is the best product to merge PST in Outlook.