How to open EML file in PDF in windows? Are you also looking for a solution to batch convert EML files to PDF? But do not know how to export EML format to PDF? If yes, then no need to worry, because you are at the exactly correct place as this blog describes the best possible solution to print EML to PDF. Read this blog in detail to learn more about the process to save EML file as PDF. But before starting with the EML format to PDF conversion process, let us have a quick review of EML files:

EML file format is used for saving individual email message file with .eml file extension. It is a quite popular file format which is used by a number of email clients including Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, etc. An EML file is an email file with attachments which is stored locally on user’s machine.

To preview emails on another system across platforms, PDF format can be used. Convert EML files to PDF to view emails in other machines with Linux, Apple Macintosh or Windows OS. Each EML message will be moved to .pdf format including attachments. The Portable Document Format saves attachments under a clip icon within the Portable Document file.

Print multiple EML files in bulk by converting them to PDF documents. These PDF files can be saved to any other external drive and then can easily be taken to another machine with the help of a printer. Users can easily batch convert EML files to PDF or can also save them separately for future reference.

Need to Answer the Question “How to Open EML File in PDF”

A PDF is a Portable Document Format that can be used on both Windows as well as Mac Machine. This PDF format is specifically designed for Adobe Applications like Adobe Acrobat & Adobe Reader. It is quite simple and secure solution to convert EML format to PDF. Some of the reasons for the batch conversion of EML messages to PDF are discussed below:

  • To print each and every attachment in a mailbox, a user needs to open EML file in PDF.
  • Change EML file to PDF in bulk and create a compressed file for them. Save this file anywhere in order to clear up the space in the original mailbox. Once, these emails are saved locally, they can be deleted from the server to free some space.

There are certain cases in which users prefer to batch print EML files to PDF. Some common user-queries are discussed in the following section:

“I am having very important email messages with attachments saved in EML files. Since those emails are very important for me. Therefore, I need a better file format which is more secure and would make it easier for me to move my emails in a better way. One of my friends suggested me that PDF file format offered by Adobe is one such solution. It is basically a prominent file format that can be used across platforms and allows to create passwords of files. Can anyone please help me out by suggesting the solution to the question how to open EML file in PDF? Thanks!!”

“I am having the bulk of EML files compressed in a ZIP folder. But, I am not sure that how to open them. I need to access EML messages. It is quite important for me. But, the problem is that I do not have an email client and I do not want to spend money on purchasing the licensed software. Is there any technique to batch print EML files to PDF? All the suggestions are Welcome. Thanks in Advance!!”

These are just a few questions raised by the users who have successfully transferred EML files to PDF easily. There are a number of alternative solutions available in the market that can help to provide the solution in order to answer the question how to open EML file in PDF and also print it. One such third-party utility has been recommended below. Read more to find the best way in order to batch convert EML files to PDF.

Professional Approach to Batch Convert EML Files to PDF

This approach involves the use of third-party utility ie. SysTools EML to PDF Converter software. No supportive email application is required to work with this software. This technique is capable to easily open EML file in PDF format with attachments and also renders a fast method to print files with .eml extension. Here, each and every message along with its associated attachment will be exported in the same format as they were before the conversion process.

The Final Note

“How to Open EML File in PDF” is one of the most common questions that strikes the user’s mind when it comes to bulk file conversion. In case, there are few or we can say very less number of EML files that are to be printed, then users can opt the Manual Approach. But, when it comes to a large number of files, then the best suitable measure is to use EML to PDF Converter. This software supports bulk email printing and also provides the guarantee of maintaining the data integrity.