If you are a Mac user and trying to open an orphan PST file on your system, you must be having a difficult time. As we all know, there is no other built-in method to open PST file on Mac without Outlook. Do not despair, as we will provide an effective solution to this problem in this post.

“I have been assigned to investigate some PST files. Being a Mac user and with no Outlook installed on my system, I am facing a hard time opening these files. Though I heard that opening PST files are not possible without Outlook, I am not willing to install Outlook. If there is any other way to open PST files on Mac without Outlook, please let me know. I will be grateful.”

“After switching to Mac OS from Windows, I have been facing several issues. One of them is opening PST files. I used Outlook on my Windows, but I do not use it anymore. Since my Outlook PST file contains some valuable business information, I have to access it badly. This is not possible as Mac does not support opening PST files without Outlook. Tell me how to open PST file on Mac machine.”

Like the people of these queries, many others are eagerly looking for a way to access PST file on Mac as they need to export PST files to EML / MSG or some other formats. PST is the file format created on the system of Windows Outlook users. All Outlook data is stored in PST file and this file format supports portability, unlike the OST files. It means that you can easily transfer PST file to any other system and open it. But the problem arises when you try to open the PST file on Mac OS. Users can open their PST files on Mac OS if they have MS Outlook installed on that system.

Unfortunately, Outlook is not a popular email client among Mac users. Thus, most of the people end up with orphan PST file and without Outlook being installed on their system. For them, it is a difficult question: how to open PST file on Mac without Outlook. In this write-up, we will explore this topic and try to answer this question.

How to Open PST File on Mac OS?

Before opening PST file, we have to take one situation into consideration. People who are in need to open PST file on their Mac system can be divided into two types. One group of people have MS Outlook installed on their system and another group does not. The solution for both the group of people is different and we will talk about both the solutions here.

Open PST File on Mac with Outlook

If you have Outlook for Mac installed on your Mac machine, you can import the PST file in Outlook and open its contents. Follow these steps to import PST file into Outlook for Mac.

For Outlook 2016
1. First, export your PST file from Windows system to the Mac machine.
2. Go to the File menu of Outlook for Mac and select Import… option.
3. Select Outlook for Windows archive file (.pst)>> Continue.
4. Find and select the PST file on your system and select Import.
5. When importing the complete PST file is done, click on Finish button.
6. You can access the imported items of PST file by accessing On My Computer>> navigation pane.

For Outlook 2011
1. The first step for this process is to transfer PST file to the Mac machine.
2. Now, Click on Import option located in the File menu of Outlook for Mac.
3. Then click on Outlook Data File and then click on the right arrow.
4. Click Outlook for Windows Data File>> right arrow.
5. Select the PST file from your system and click on Import button.
6. Once data import is done, click Done.
7. The PST file items can be found in the navigation pane of On My Computer.

How to Open PST File on Mac OS Without Outlook

If you are in need to open PST files but do not have Outlook, you have to take the help of SysTools Mac PST Importer. This unique application will convert PST file into EML, MBOX, MSG and EMLX format. After conversion, users can open the PST file items on Mac with any supported email client. This software maintains the folder hierarchy of the source even after migration. Here are some of the basic features of this tool:

  • Support PST file conversion in four popular formats
  • Allow batch importing multiple Outlook PST file to Mac
  • Selective Outlook email conversion using date-filter
  • Retain folder hierarchy of source Windows PST file
  • Support Mac OS versions of X 10.8 and its above
  • Multiple Naming Conventions feature for easy import


From the above discussion, we have learned how to open PST files on Mac. If users have Microsoft Outlook installed, they can import the PST file and then open it on Outlook. If they do not have Outlook, they can use the prescribed software. This tool allows its users to open PST file without Outlook. If you want to open an orphan PST file without Outlook installation, go for this tool named Mac PST Converter.