While Counter-Strike has been around for nearly two decades, Global Offensive entices players. This guide is intended to help newbies grasp the basics of “CS:GO” in order beat their friends and expedite their path toward e-sports. To quantify this guide’s aspect, each category has been given its own section.


Understand Shooting

Keeping your reticule properly aligned is crucial to winning CS:GO. While it sounds easy to click on heads, the difficulty creeps in when you realize that shooting is most accurate when standing upright. Learning to “strafe, stop and pop” is crucial to succeeding. Notably, accuracy reaches its peak upon shifting direction; strafe right and you have perfect accuracy the moment you strafe left.

Bullets follow your gun’s recoil instead of traveling straight. Burst fire minimizes recoil; reserve “spray-and-pray” for close-quarters and submachine guns. Account for recoil with head shots by aiming for the neck.

Furthermore, do not reload until you have emptied your clip. As there is always a chance of ambush, it is important to keep your gun ready. Optimize reloading by doing it from safety. If you aren’t sure if you want to start playing the game, you can have fun with CSGO betting.

Know Where You Can Aim

Knowing where you can shoot or be shot is crucial. Rather than leveling your gun on your opponent once you see him, you should level it where he will be before you move from cover and then pull the trigger; this overlaps with the accuracy boost from reversed strafing.

Map Dominance

Experience will help you discern when to use stealth and when to open fire. Aggressively start matches by pushing counter-terrorists with gunfire until you can minimize their area of operation. Learn to read and counter your opponents’ strategies. Once you’ve discerned your opponents’ behavior, that’s when crowd-scrambling grenades should come into play.

Lastly, know which guns penetrate what materials; if you suspect an enemy is behind cover and you know your gun penetrates, let loose-it is better to be right than let the enemy succeed.

Learn the Economy

Kevlar is a necessity. The first guns you should master are the M4 and the AK-47. Hold off on spending team funds if anyone has less than $4,000 in resources. When everyone’s well armed, focus on buying guns, defusers and grenades.

Communication with teammates is crucial to knowing when to buy. When funding is light, focus on the bomb and stealth. If you have enough cash to buy everything you need but a teammate is flagging behind, focus on reloading on what you have.

While the importance of pistol rounds varies with the version of CS:GO played, the Tec-9, Five-Seven and P250 are reliable options. If you are unsure which to grab, buy body armor instead. Winning pistol rounds increase your odds of winning subsequent rounds and leave enemies skittish. SMGs are better for hitting fleeing, lightly-armored opponents. Lastly, if you have tons of cash and you understand its uses, one AWP is a great investment toward your team’s map dominance.

Tweak Your Settings

Reduce your mouse’s sensitivity. Play around with your radar. Tweak your crosshair’s appearance and color to something that stands out among all the gameplay elements. Lastly, disable “switch weapon on pickup” and have fun playing online.