Internet not only gives positive effects, but also negative effects. As parents, we need to protect our kids from negative effect caused by internet. For example is online sextortion. What is it? How to protect kids from online sextortion?


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What is Online Sextortion?

As mentioned before, internet will not always give positive effects. Internet makes kids easily communicate and interact with many peoples through chat, message, and video calls. Social media accounts make kids and teenagers easily know about new people, even strangers. Actually, it is serious case that can place your kids in danger.

Online Sextortion has happened for many years, since internet becomes popular. Online sextortion refers to harassing people on social media account to ask the people for sharing nude photos. It is so dangerous for kids, because nude photos will be used for threatening them. People who usually harrash kids and teenagers will use nude photos to threaten their victim. They ask the victim to upload more nude photos if the victim won’t give them money.

We can call online sextortion as serious problem that will destroy kids and teenagers. So, it is important for parents to protect their kids from online sextortion. Whenever a kid sharesnude photo, there will be so many problems happen to that kid. Even, the offenders of online sextortion ask their victim to give them money. If the victim can’t do it, they will share the victim’s nude photos on internet. You can imagine how serious the problem is.

What to Do to Protect Kids from Online Sextortion?

There are some ways you can do for protecting your kids from online sextortion, such as below:

  • Have a Conversation with Your Kids

Make sure you talk with your kids about the danger of online sextortion. Let your kids know that sharing nude photo with stranger is so dangerous. You need to give your kids information about offender of sextortion who often uses fake profile photo. Sometime, fake profile photo that looks beautiful and handsome attracts your kids to share nude photos. So, make sure you tell your kids that sharing nude photos with stranger is so dangerous.

  • Employ Security measures

Offenders of online sextortion usually get nude photos from kid’s computer by doing hacking. So, make sure that your kid is always careful when using internet. Ask your kids to not open link from stranger people, because it may be virus that will hack your kid’s computer.

  • Monitor Your Kid’s Device

It is other best way to protect your kids from online sextortion. By monitoring your kid’s device, you will know people who usually send chats or messages to your kids. But, sometime kids feel so angry if you monitor their device. Don’t worry because you can use Flexispy. It is an application for spying your kid’s device. By using Flexispy, you can track your kid’s device and know all about your kids do on device. Finally, you can protect your kids and prevent unexpected thing that may happen to your kids, such as online sextortion. Hopefully, this information will be useful for you.