Anyone working in a customer support service industry or those who have been a part of this industry in the past will readily agree that despite the friendly and easy going nature of the work and its surroundings, the biggest nightmare for any support representative is unannounced spike in calls or incoming customer queries from corresponding channels. One moment, everyone is relaxed and casual and taking things easy and the next moment they are inundated with a flood of incessant calls and customer queries that won’t allow them a moment to stop and take their breath.


Life in a customer support environment can be tumultuous and filled with extremes, never a predictable moment. Although these peak moments of increased workflow can really challenge an individual and bring the best out of them and serve as good testing grounds, the actual problem lies with simultaneous documentation of customer details and records of the customer interaction while on the call. The entails of a customer support job requires extreme levels of multi tasking, which means the representatives have to answer the call and while they attempt to resolve the issue that the customer is calling for, at the same time log information regarding the same and have it saved and raised as a service request to be acted upon, before the call gets over and the same process has to be repeated again. When the floodgates open for incoming calls, seldom do the closure of a call and its corresponding service request coincide.


As a matter of fact when a barrage of successive calls incoming need to be attended, the remnants of prior interactions often cascade into the ticket details of the following complaint thereby creating an unwanted mess and confusion of customer details that does not warrant convenience and easy tracking when  referred to at a later time. Hence how does one address this really critical issue that may become the source of a major embarrassment at a later time, all the more because it is documented? And it is extremely important that this predicament is addressed and tackled and put to the rest once and for all because in a business dependent on customers, one wouldn’t even wish for them to stop coming anymore, leave alone even wanting it for a moment. In a business customers are going to keep coming in and at times they are going to rush in and at other time they are going to flow in by leaps and bounds but that’s how the business keeps running profitably. 

Proactive - What being proactive emphasizes in this situation is to take accountability of a genuine issue and accept it as a drawback or major shortcoming from the perspective of a top level management or business proprietor because unless these issues are identified eliminating roadblocks and bottlenecks is not possible from the system. In the event of such ticket misplacements and confusing details pertaining to customers documented on service requests, it not only results in chaos when referencing tickets at a later time and in the absence of accurate knowledge further escalates the feeling on confusion and lack of direction.  To add to the mix, it also increases workload for the representatives without any movement in a constructive direction and compels them to do the same work over and over. This leads to an overall atmosphere of being overworked and stressed at work along with deteriorating personal scores which ultimately boils over to affect business and revenue generation.  

To start with, the need for an efficient help desk software application that has the essential features to enable representatives and executives do their jobs with greater efficiency, ease and convenience, has to be recognized as a non negotiable priority and not an option. No matter what the investment it warrants, effective help desk software allows centralization of all details and information and independent access therefore reducing dependency. At the same time it has a flow of operation which supports agents attending incoming customer calls, allowing simultaneous completion and recording of details pertaining to the call before the call ends.


No matter the frequency or duration of incoming calls, commendable customer support software does not crash down under excess load and supports operations at an uniform speed consistently. That apart it also integrates several other facilities under one roof allowing agents to send details or information to each other instantly through chat and access to a centralise knowledge base. An integrated dashboard consolidating all work tools and channels on a singular panel on the user’s interface is a great and recommended way to approach work at a customer support unit and when supplemented by alertness and dedicated attention works wonders in producing great scores and moving the business in a correct direction.

Efficient - Efficiency follows proactiveness and uninitiated accountability and ownership of procedures laid down at work automatically. When one assumes responsibility without being initiated or reminded to, automatically the picture presents its shortcomings and areas of weaknesses and a little prognostic investigation helps identify the loop holes. Once those gaps have been plugged in, it automatically creates an atmosphere and tools to aid and equip the foot soldiers to fight better in the battlefield with increased chances of emerging victorious.


So once a ticketing software has been implemented and put in place as the epicenter of the new work ecosystem, work processes are more organized and an organized workplace allows better scope for gauging of inputs against output and quantifying efforts. So now that there is a system in place and the working mechanism is defined by a clear process that is religiously followed by all and sundry, it is easier to collate data and make everyone fall in a line. In case of any erratic behavior or untoward incident during regular work it becomes easier to isolate the incident and analyze it with statistics and data to have the facts spread up. Thus proactiveness at work promotes and precedes efficiency and incremental productivity all pointing to a better direction the business is moving towards. When the root of chaos is eliminated, sense prevails and things become a lot more organized making way for efficient progress.

Organized - Although organization precedes efficiency and positive business attributes and institutional approach towards work, especially in a customer support environment, in this scenario, organized implies consistent in the pursuit of organized and professional approach towards issue and instances no matter how complicated or confusing they are. So basically as a thumb rule, all process executives have to ensure that they adhere to the policies and strategies laid down by management as a means of ensuring nothing untoward happens. In case of a situation where something unprecedented occurs, agents should still focus on adhering to the basic rules as a means of scouring an expedited solution to the problem without disturbing any of the associated surroundings or the rest of the system.

Supportive - When agents and employees in general of a customer support initiative pledge to be disciplined and uphold maintenance of discipline within workplace at all cost, they are supporting the pursuit of an organized approach to work as laid down by top management, regardless of what the distraction might be. Supporting such a plan of action by implementing them in their actions is ensuring isolation of the problem area and identifying the ailment to restore the affected area to normalcy as soon as possible.