Don’t juggle dozens of searches when planning for your next trip. With apps, you can compare major brands, search for cheap tickets, book easily and save both time and money - all in one place. These four apps are essential when it comes to budget travel anywhere in the world.

Build Your Budget

Whether you’re flush with cash or pinching pennies, you’ll need a budget. Apps for budgeting can come with tools like monthly budget calculators and easy-to-use budget worksheets. There are tons of budgeting apps out there, but only one that is best for your needs. Choose the one and plan your travel budget before you start buying tickets.

Make Money Back on Travel Costs with Dosh

Now that you have a vacation budget, you probably want to keep your expenses as low as possible. Buying flights and booking rooms can be expensive – until you have Dosh. You can actually recieve cash back rewards on almost all of your purchases, especially for hotels. Dosh give you an extra bonus every time you shop with your debit card. A perfect way keep your travel costs under budget is to make money back while you do it.

Save Money by Bundling with Skyscanner

Whether you’re leaving last-minute or planning a year in advance, Skyscanner can help you find all the best deals on hotels, vacation home rentals, rental cars, flights and more! Book them together to save money so you can spend less time worrying and more time exploring. All-in-one travel apps make you feel like you have your very own travel agent in your pocket.

Book Your Ideal Accommodation with Rentalia

No matter what kind of place you want - a hotel, a hostel or a cottage - Rentalia will help you find it at a price that works for you and your budget. Find all the properties you could ever want in three simple steps: pick a location, choose your dates, and explore tons of available properties. Voila! Vacation rentals that fit your needs and not the other way around.

Traveling on a budget was never so easy before travel apps like these! Now you get to relax and explore the world, knowing that you’ve gotten the best travel deals thanks to these four amazing apps.