Internet is an integral part of our lives and is used for almost everything we do nowadays, whether let them be positive or negative both. Internet can help you succeed if it used positively but can drag you down in a black hole if taken advantage of for the negative. Many of us use internet everyday for work, school or connecting to family and friends. Using computers, mobile phones and many devices that operate through internet is an activity of our daily lives(ADLs). While using internet we are easily distracted multiple times whether in between breaks of work, during work or homework and in spare time as well.

Internets main aim is of knowledge and most of the times we forget that. Instead of putting our advantage of having internet in our lives, we waste time just using social applications without being productive at all. We have a lot of ways to be productive by using internet if we try and find our expertise sooner.

Internet is used to play games as well, specially by youngsters which is carried on for a long term period, may turn out to affect your health. Whether being productive or social using internet, there are some things to take notice of like, manage time, do not strain your eyes and do something beneficial.

The most productive things to do on internet are in ways of getting knowledge, providing knowledge and sharing your experience. Earning money by providing your services online is another way of being productive. You can turn your free time into noble time whether you’re a teenager, a housewife, a working individual and even a senior citizen.

Following are some ways in which we can use internet to be productive:

  • Watching inspirational videos on internet: Serving your time to watch inspirational videos is the best thing to do when you’re bored and have a lot of spare time. You can watch videos in any topic you like or interested in. They give you knowledge, broaden your thinking and give you an idea of the outer world. Many videos may become a source of your inspiration as well.
  • Online courses: It does not matter how much and what you have studied, there is always something more to learn. You can take online courses to improve your weaknesses and head towards success. Online courses may help you in your business and career.
  • Improve your language: There always may be English or any other language you are struggling in but want to learn it. Using internet is the best option for that. It adds power to your personality. You can improve through writing and communication as well.
  • Online jobs: If you are learned and skilled you should try online jobs like freelancing for sure. This would be an amazing way to spend your free time being productive and earning money as well.
  • New food recipes: Who doesn’t like delicious and new food. I am sure everyone does and wants to try new things. Learning new recipes and then trying them is a fun and interesting thing to do with the help of internet.
  • Create a website: You can learn creating a website and then create one for what you are good at. It can be an online shopping store or a blogging website. By doing this you can execute and share your knowledge with the world.
  • Personal development: You can set personal developmental goals that can help you become a better person. You can use internet to set schedules, eat and drink healthy and stay fit. You can learn how to stay close to your environment and enjoy it.
  • Share your views: You can connect with people through posting images, quotes and videos about your experiences or you could give reviews of things you have tried and places you have been to. You can use social media as a platform for this productivity twice or thrice a week as using it overtime could affect you negatively.
  • Play mind activating games: You could solve puzzles and play interesting games on the internet. It sharpens your brain skills and improves your memory.
  • Help: You can help people using internet in many ways. You can write reviews on forums for the sections you are talented in and know about and you can put up online donation websites to help the poor and needy. This way along with being productive you will be a helping hand as well, spending your time in quality.


Above were some of the many things you could do using internet. I hope we helped you and bought ideas to your mind.