IOS 12 avoids unintentional screenshots on iPhone X

One of the complaints that many iPhone X users have is the ease of taking screenshots. And it is a complaint because the catches are made unintentionally. This fills your reel with unnecessary captures and can become a frustrating experience. It’s something I already complained after testing the iPhone X.

Since Apple introduced this possibility, captures have always been done by pressing two buttons. On the iPhone with Home or Start button, the capture is done by pressing this button and the lock button. But with the iPhone X, this has changed.

Avoid unintended screenshots with iOS 12

Due to the disappearance of the Home button on the iPhone X, screenshots are made by pressing the lock button and the volume up button at the same time. But these buttons are faced, one on each side. So it is very easy that when you only want to lock or unlock the iPhone X at the same time you press the volume up button and make a capture.

IOS 12 will partially solve this problem. The screen capture system will not change, but if a detail, now only the screenshots will be made with the screen unlocked. That is to say that if at the moment of unlocking the iPhone app developers for hire we press both buttons, a screenshot will not be made.

This measure can reduce the number of involuntary catches, but it could still improve. The iPhone X includes a function that when you pick it up and the screen is activated, so there is no need to press the unlock button. That is to say, that this problem was already partially solved.

But it’s a start and Apple may be improving this new capture function in the next betas. Perhaps a change of buttons or a long press of the current ones so that we do not take screenshots without wanting to could be a good solution.

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