Is your website attracting high volumes of visitors with the motivation to make a purchase? If you think that your site could be performing better, then here are some facts that you really need to know.

SEO matters

With the search engines constantly updating and improving their algorithms in order to provide the best results for visitors, keeping on top of your website’s SEO is a never-ending process. What worked brilliantly two years ago may not be working so well today, so it’s important to keep abreast of the changes and alter your SEO campaign accordingly. A failure to do so could see your site’s ranking slip from that all-important first page of results, and few people venture further than that when looking for products and services.

Social media spreads the word

If you don’t have a presence on social media then you’re missing out on an important digital marketing trend. Nowadays the growth of a brand can be fuelled by social media interest, so make sure that your business is championed on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. You don’t need to keep up a constant stream of posts, but a well-timed campaign that drives prospective customers to your website can have a profound effect on your profits.

Pay-per-click still matters

A good pay-per-click (PPC) campaign can attract high volumes of visitors with the motivation to make a purchase, but you need to make sure that your keywords are completely up to speed for it to be effective. Get it right, and you could see a marked increase in business profits, but get it wrong and it’ll end up costing you money. So spend time researching your keywords, assessing your competitors’ marketing strategies, and make sure that your website stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.
Local search is increasingly important

If you haven’t claimed your Google My Business listing then you’re missing out on a vital marketing tool. With the majority of local searches now taking place on smartphones, there’s absolutely no excuse for not claiming your listing and using Google’s local search feature to promote your business to interested parties who are literally right on your doorstep.
Content is still King

If you want to retain the coveted top spot on Google, then you need to keep your website relevant and current. The best way of doing this is to add high-value content on a regular basis, that visitors will actively seek out. Becoming known as an authority website with valuable advice, features and content will draw higher numbers of visitors, which won’t go unnoticed by search engines.

Always analyse your website data

Do you know how long most website visitors remain on your site? Is there one particular page that visitors are prone to leaving more than any others? Do you know your bounce rate? Do you even know what a bounce rate is? Knowing how your website visitors behave is key to understanding how well your website is performing, so if you don’t understand what your site’s data is trying to tell you, then you need to talk to the professionals.

Whether you’re looking for web design in Richmond or SEO advice in Sunbury on Thames, a skilled web development team will show you how to maximise your website’s impact.