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Who is Kishanu Karmakar : This article is all about kishanu karmakar blogger how he started his career in blogging and later on how he build marketing and advertising services all over the world. Kishanu Karmakar is Director and Founder of SNK Creation. He is not only a Blogger even he is good author and business man too. He is sharp about his dream journey. He actually love to write about topics that he have earned on his way.

His success story tell everything how he got this achievement without getting any financial support. Even we got the details from his school that he was one of the brilliant student in school and also having unexpectable writing skills. His teacher and Director Mr Lalit Kumar Banga still connect with him, he passed his 10th class from Dhruva Bal Niketan School, Jaipur. After that he had lots of option even he started his life in commerce stream. But from childhood kishanu always getting knowledge with gadgets and technology, even he had great knowledge and skills about technology.

Now he started writing blogs and articles about tech services and products. He is master in social media marketing and SEO build up. Now he is best tech blogger in India.

Now he started own company ” SNK Creation ” which offering IT, Marketing, Developing, Designing and Advertising Services world wide. Although he received lots of new opportunity in his life which actually describe kishanu in better way.

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