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Are you a drain cleaning technician, plumber, or maintenance manager looking to get quality Sewer Cleaning Equipment to ensure quality work? Then you’ve come to the right place! When it comes to cleaning sewers and drains, your first priority is to make sure you have a quality drain machine to be able to get the job done right the first time. At Duracable Manufacturing, we offer a variety of drain machines to choose from ranging in style and cable size as well as accessories.

If you’re looking for larger sewer machines for main lines or drain machines for smaller applications like a clogged sink, Duracable’s got what you need. We also offer most drain machines with two different reel styles: open spoke metal reel and enclosed polyethylene reel. The style of reel is generally decided by user preference, but the size of drum is dependent on the machine you are using. Because each reel is designed to run a recommended size and length of drain cable, it is important to ensure you are using the proper reel size with the correct cables in order to deliver best results. Better yet, all reels from Duracable Manufacturing include an inner reel and revolving arm so that you can easily switch your reel and get back to work quickly if needed.

Along with drain machines, Duracable offers a variety of different inspection tools making it easier for you and your client to understand what you are looking at in order to make the correct diagnosis for efficient and thorough cleaning. From camera systems and line transmitters to utility line locators and hand-held inspection cameras, Duracable Manufacturing sells all the tools you need to get quality results – and we do repairs, too! Not only do we offer flat rate pricing for RIDGID camera repairs, but we often match or beat written quotes from competitors.

Once you’ve done your diagnosis, you’re next step is to clear any blockages you may have encountered. Whether you’ve got a small clog in a tub or a big one blocking the main lines, you can clear any obstruction in your path with the right accessories. Here at Duracable Manufacturing, we offer a plethora of sewer cleaning equipment to best help you on the job. Whether you need drain blades, drain cables, end fittings, or a different accessory, our products are each held to the highest standard so you can achieve the best results with our equipment.

Finally, once you’ve cleaned your sewers and drains, it is recommended that you take preventative measures to avoid future complications. We offer concentrated drain cleaners, lift station grease dissolvers, urinal blocks, drain line and grease trap treatments, and foaming root killers. These products will help your drains stay clear longer by coating the inside of the drain pipes, breaking down buildup from grease and fat, eliminating calcium buildup, and removing grime for effective solutions.

Manufactured in the United States and made with top-grade materials, we at Duracable Manufacturing offer all kinds of quality sewer cleaning equipment from the general basics to the more detailed products needed to thoroughly and efficiently clean your sewers and drains. For more information, give us a call at 515-512-9817 or visit us at Duracable.com.

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