The mode of marketing via bulk SMS consists of promoting or conducting a business using SMS (Short Message Service), now popularly referred to as text messaging. For doing this in an efficient manner, techies have developed what is called as Bulk SMS messaging.

This enables sending of thousands of marketing messages through one time action on mobiles, laptops or desktop computers based on the way of programming of settings. Messaging via bulk SMS is now used by most entrepreneurs.

What are the merits of marketing via bulk messaging?

  • Convenience

This is the main benefit of marketing by bulk SMS. You can realize this by considering the scenario of not having the possibility of bulk SMS. In case of manual sending of SMS, you have to hit the forward button, multiple times. In case of bulk SMS, you need not be concerned about who are the recipients since text messages are already set to be sent to all those who subscribe to particular networks. There is also the facility of sending out a specific text message at a specific time of the day.

  • Speed

After sending an SMS, the message is read faster than one would read an e-mail or a post on social media. These also require an internet connection for access. Because there is option to reply, potential feedback of clients can be collected quickly. Another merit is that SMS does not have spam filters, so you can be assured of visibility of text messages.

  • Reliability

This is one of the main merits of bulk SMS. With this, you can be sure that what you want clients to read will certainly be read. Compare this to telephone marketing where customer representatives get rude responses like banging of phone. As for e-mails, they might get lost amidst spam filters.

  • Easily understood

Text messages are clear and concise as they are restricted to only slightly more than a 100 characters. It is better understood and commands attention easily. There is better chance that SMS gets read prior to being trashed.

  • Not labour intensive

Because SMS marketing requires minimal physical effort, there is no necessity for hiring a lot of employees. Just one or a couple of employees can do it like the task of counter checking of messages. The SMS messages can be sent from a desktop, laptop and mobile.

  • Greater scope

There is a good chance that prospective clients have a mobile phone but may not have access to the net. The client may be out of coverage area, so customer representatives may not be able to contact them. As regards SMS, there is a bigger chance that they will reach the targets.

  • Potential for archiving

One has the requirement to store not just the messages, but also the replies. There can also be detailed data when the messages were sent, to what and which network for future purposes of record counter checking.

  • Low cost

SMS is completely less costly for running business promotions through SMS marketing. This is major advantage which attracts most entrepreneurs in case they are examining alternatives. This is because bulk SMS requires less personnel and supplies.

These are some of the benefits of marketing via bulk SMS. The businesses can contact professional services offering the facility to send and receive sms online Australia and other places.