Americans return to the workforce. They push the rate of unemployment to record lows. Yet, the job quality is still a problem for many workers because a lot of them stuck in jobs with low salaries.

The annual survey of Glassdoor shows that there are two high-demand industries nowadays: technology and healthcare. They require advanced degrees and specialized training. Read the list from the bottom to the top to find out more about the most desired positions.

Product Manager: $113,000

The task of product managers is to oversee and develop products for corporations, starting with online retailers to insurance. Such professionals often have a degree in computer science, business or engineering. However, people skills are important as well.

On the site of Glassdoor, there are over 7.5000 opening listed.

Mobile developer: $90,000

These professionals create mobile apps. As the LinkedIn resume writers, who follow the job search trends on LinkedIn, state this job is in high demand. Consumers are using their smartphones and tablets for personal finance and shopping more and more often every year and the companies need more and more experts in this field.

The median salary is $90,000. There are over 1,800 current openings on Glassdoor.

Strategy manager: $135,000

A professional strategy manager can solve any strategic problem for corporations.  They also propose new ways to increase income. Such professionals often hold and advanced or MBA degree connected to the industry they are employed in.

Among the top nine jobs, this one is the highest-paid. Currently, there are roughly 1,200 job openings on Glassdoor site.

Electrical engineer: $76,000

An electrical engineer is a profession of high demand nowadays. This is because the economy of our country is strong and it needs specialists with an engineering expertise. Recruiters are looking for young graduates with a degree in electronic or electrical engineering and with perfect communication skills.

Glassdoor has more than 5,800 job adverts on its website.

HR Manager: $85,000

Corporations of the U.S. are hiring many people. That is why the need for human resources managers is increasing all the time. HR managers evaluate the staff and potential employees. As a rule, they hold bachelor’s degree in human resources or a similar field.

There are over 4,400 Glassdoor openings on this website.

Occupational therapist: $74,000

The responsibility of an occupational therapist is to help people with injury, disability or illness improve everyday living skills. Most of them work in nursing homes, hospitals, and some in schools. To work in this field, you should hold an MBA degree and get a state license.

There is a strong job outlook for this role because of the aging baby boom generation. It’s expected that the demand for such therapies will increase.

Glassdoor states that there are over 11,900 job openings on its website.

Marketing manager: $85,000

These profiles are responsible for developing business marketing plans, which can comprise everything from advertisement to social media program plan. This position needs a bachelor’s degree in the field of marketing and experience in it.

There are over 6,400 published on Glassdoor website.

Develops engineer: $105,000

These engineers develop programs that automate or streamline operations. As a rule, companies hire candidates with a bachelor degree in computer science or a sphere related to it.

3,000 job openings are waiting for job hunters on Glassdoor site.

Data scientist: $110,000

This is the top job in the survey of Glassdoor for the third year in a row. Corporate America needs these specialists because internet-based applications create a big amount of data. They will help identify problems and formulate strategies. To become a part of this lucrative field, some specialists are visiting data-science bootcamps. Other get hired from computer-science programs at universities.

There are over 4,500 job openings on Glassdoor website.

Those were top 9 most high demand jobs. If one of them suits you, you can apply for it to change your life for better.