In these days, Cloud is considered as a secure storage option for storing data items. Google Drive is one of the main and famous services of Cloud. Sometimes, Google Drive users want to copy from Google Drive to Google Drive. It is essential to know the export technique to transfer Google Drive files and there are number of tools available to transfer Google Drive account. But, Google Drive Migrator tool is a reliable and user-friendly solution to move files from Google Drive to another account. In this write-up, we will discuss this utility in details including its features.

Know More About SysTools Google Drive Migrator

Google Drive Migrator software allows a to move the data like audio, video, PDF, photos, document files, etc. from one Google drive to another Google Drive account. It supports an incremental type of migration that means the newly migrated data will be saved according to the current date. The software offers an option to add the source as well as destination Ids and customize the migration process. With the help of Google Drive Migrator tool, a user is capable to transfer the permissions like read, write or comments. It provides a facility to transfer shared files in a separate folder and maintain the folder structure even after the migration. You can apply the date-based filter and also get the complete export report in CSV format that helps in knowing the number of data items transferred from the one Google Drive account to another.

System Specifications

Operating System Supports Windows 10 and all other lower versions of Windows
Processor Minimum 1 GHz but 2.4 GHz is recommended
RAM Minimum 512 MB but 1 GB is recommended
Disk Space At least 60 MB free storage capacity

Some Prerequisites of Application to Move Files from Google Drive to Another Account

If a person is using Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or Vista, then launch the software as “Run as Administrator”.
Google Chrome Browser is suggested to use.

  • Add scopes and validate Admin at domain level before starting the migration process.

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows: 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 2008, 2012.

Highlighted Traits of SysTools Google Drive Migrator Tool

  • Transfer Google Drive to Another Drive

Google Drive Migrator tool allows moving the data from Google Drive Account to another account very easily. The tool migrates all data items such as images, audio, video, doc files, PDFs, etc. After that, in destination drive, it saves the migrated data with the current date of exportation. Moreover, it supports the incremental type of migration that means it does not transfer the already migrated data items.

  • Add Source & Destination User ID

After selecting the type of migration within the too, a user needs to add the source and destination user ID using the three options given by the Google Drive Migrator tool:

  1. Add User: It allows to add one user id at once.
  2. Add CSV: This option can directly add CSV file which containing multiple user IDs at once & performs a bulk migration.
  3. Remove User: This option can delete the already added source & destination ID from the tool.
  • Option to Customize Migration

The SysTools Google Drive Migrator utility has four unique options to customize the migration process.

  1. Migrates Permissions like read, comment, write
  2. Migrate deleted items without maintaining folder hierarchy
  3. Transfer shared files & save it to a separate folder
  4. Maintain folder hierarchy after the migration
  • Migrate Google Drive Storage

With the help of Google Drive to Google Drive migration tool, a user can copy data from one Google Drive account to another Google Drive account in two different ways:

  1. Admin Account: In this option, a user can easily perform Domain to Domain migration.
  2. User Account: In this option, a user can perform three type of migration process such as Gmail to Gmail, Domain to Gmail, & Gmail to Domain migration.
  • Option to Apply Date Filter

The Google Drive Migrator tool renders an option to apply date filters within a particular date range. A user can specify a date range in the ‘To’ and ‘From’ the field, the tool transfers only that specified data from one Google Drive to another Account.

  • Pause & Resume/ Stop Option

As a user begin the migration process, the Google Drive to Google Drive migration tool will display the ongoing status report on the screen. However, if a user wants, then he or she can pause or resume or stop the process in between in case of any interruption.

Full/Free Versions

The software is available in two different versions: Demo version and licensed version. Users can download the demo version of the software and check its working procedure and its functions. Once they satisfied, then they can purchase the full version of Google Drive Migrator tool.

The Observational Verdict

In today’s world, migration is not always an easy task. So in this write-up, we have discussed a reliable tool to transfer files from Google Drive account to another account. With the help of this SysTools Google Drive Migrator software, a user can easily Move Files from Google Drive to another account in a quick and efficient manner. Based upon its working, brilliant features and overall performance I would like to rate this tool 9.8 out of 10.