Plastic is one of the most malicious materials that might be quite dangerous for the lives on the planet. Every day, we use and throw a lot of plastic materials in the form of various products like plastic bottles, straws, cutleries and so on. Plastic bottle pollution has become the prime concern of the world and more & more activists are working towards creating awareness on the harmful effects of plastic. If one is using a plastic bottle environmental impact is too much when she or he is throwing it as a litter. The fact that the plastic is non-biodegradable creates the problem. It would take some plastics more than hundreds of thousand years to decompose, which is one of the worst attributes of plastic.

Currently, plastic is one of the most important ingredients to be used in each and every household. One cannot live without using plastics. We use plastic toothbrushes in the morning, plastic bottles to drink water, plastic Tiffin boxes to pack lunch, plastic cutleries while eating out, cling films to keep the food fresh and so on. We have given more importance to the plastics and less to our lives, and this has made our lives on earth more miserable. We are suffering from various health-related problems and are gifting our future generation a basket full of health complications.

Plastic is one of the worst materials that is killing animals and ending the marine life. Most of the garbage obtained from the ocean is made of plastic straws and plastic bottles. Many animals mistake these plastic litters for food and eat them up, which is causing the fast extinction of many animals & birds.

We gift toys to our children that are made of plastic. We feed the newborn in plastic bottles. We give them colorful water bottles for the school. Are we acting sensible providing them an access to a poisonous world? Are we not spoiling our kid’s future by feeding them toxins? It is high time we must act before it is too late.

Well, there’s a solution for this. We can replace plastic toys with wooden ones. We can provide Tiffin to our children in metal boxes and use glasses for water. We can make our children pick up the healthy habits and avoid plastics so that they can get a life free from the toxins in plastics.

We can feed our children in stainless steel, brass or other metal boxes that are safer than plastics and can be used multiple times. We can take tine steps to make our homes more environment-friendly, healthy and happy.