PST Repair Tool Best Solution to Recover Corrupted & Deleted Data of PST File

The need to repair PST file emerges when the file is corrupted and data cannot be accessed. Also, the utility can be used if a user wants to recover deleted data of PST file, whether soft-deleted or hard deleted. The corruption in an Outlook PST file occurs due to the following reasons:

  1. Oversized Outlook .pst file
  2. Sudden shutdown of system
  3. Virus or Malware attacks

These all factors lead to repairing PST files and extracting the data in a healthy form. Now, let us see what are the possible methods for fixing corruption in PST file and getting back (recover) the deleted data of .pst file.

1 - Free Inbox Repair Tool

Microsoft enables users to fix corruption of Outlook PST files with the help of a free inbox utility called scanpst.exe. This method seems to be a very effective approach, but does not yield satisfactory results. They are to be performed with utmost care. Otherwise, it will result in the data loss.

2 - Professional PST Repair Tool

The automated product facilitates the user to repair and recover the permanently deleted & corrupted data from PST file. The graphical interface of the product is very simple. A user can work upon it without any expertise knowledge. Just a few clicks and the desired results are obtained.

Total PST Repair Tool Best Solution to Recover PST Data

The automated tool has been considered as a perfect solution by many users. It is because of the following services it provides:

Recover Deleted Data of PST file

With the help of this PST recovery tool, data from the Microsoft Outlook PST file can be recovered and saved after deletion. Whether the data is deleted permanently or temporarily, it can easily be fetched without any problem. Moreover, the original formatting and folder hierarchy is not changed.

Save the Recover & Repair PST Data in Various Form

Once the corruption in PST file is fixed or the deleted items are recovered, they can be saved in multiple file categories like PST, EML, and MSG. If the data is saved in EML and MSG, an option to open and view files in Outlook is also enabled.

Repair Corrupted PST file

The PST Repair tool can also be used to fix the corruption issues in a PST file and restores the file in a healthy state. Tool scan the PST file and recovered & repair corrupted PST file.

Why is the Manual Solution not Reliable?

The workaround solutions to repair corruption of Outlook PST file cannot be trusted by users because of the below-mentioned reasons:

  1. The mistake committed at any point can lead to loss of data.
  2. All the steps are to be performed by the user. Hence, it results in a lengthy and time-consuming process.
  3. No option for the resultant file format is available. In other words, the file format after using the PST repair tool will be PST itself.

The Uniqueness of PST Repair Software

Easy to Use, Accurate & Fast - The software can be used easily without any deep technical knowledge. It produces authentic results in the least duration of time. No issues are encountered while using this product to recover deleted data & repair corrupted PST file.

Manufactured for Specific Purpose - The PST repair tool is designed on such an algorithm that it is responsible to repair a PST file and turn it into a healthy state. Moreover, the tool can also be used to recover the permanently deleted data from PST.

How Does the Tool Work to Recover & Repair Corrupted Data of PST?

A user has to follow the given set of instructions to recover PST data, repair & remove the corruption of PST file:

  1. Click on the option Add file. Then, click on Browse to get the file which is to be repaired or the data is to be recovered
  2. Click on the checkbox “Recover Deleted Messages”. This can be used to regain the deleted data or to repair the severely damaged .pst file
  3. This will generate the preview of elements of the .pst file in the software pane. All the emails along with the attachments will be displayed.
  4. The various export options will be available to restore the healthy PST file. You can export the healthy file in any format. Also, you can apply advanced settings to restore PST file in Outlook.

In this way, the data of Outlook PST file can be recovered or retrieved with the help of PST repair tool.

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