A company account stores multiple emails and conversations that took place over the years. These are crucial data that can be easily encrypted by a ransomware during a cyber attack. There are ways to remove Lotus Notes Password on the client machine. These are simple measures that can be undertaken by any professional or non-technical user. It can help a regular individual to recover any lost or forgotten passcode. It is especially beneficial to forensic experts and team of investigators possibly analyzing a possible hack. Rules are simple and can be followed by undergoing steps mentioned in this post. Read carefully to find out more information about it.

‘I was working late on my system last night. I do not remember but must have left my system connected to the internet without logging out. Now, I am unable to get into my account easily. Can anybody help me on how to recover password from Lotus Notes? It is a simple method but I want to try some solutions before calling professionals to do this for me. Any help will suffice?’

Steps to Reset Lotus Notes Password Manually

Mentioned below are the instructions that can help to recover emails from IBM desktop client. According to this process, a user can bypass the initial security functionality. It skips the whole process where the user.id file needs a passcode. It is a risky procedure and must be undertaken with complete knowledge of the product. Following are the steps to remove Lotus Notes password:

  • First, change the generic user.id with the one that the user insists on viewing. There are different ways to perform this export. This is a simpler method and can be performed easily.
  • Then, launch the Notes client and open the NSF file which is having problems. This will help to remove NSF security and recover mailbox data.
  • Then, go to View>>Advanced Menu
  • Next, select File>>Application>>New Copy. Check carefully for this option to before and after selecting the Advanced menu settings.
  • Then, set a name for the NSF file and give it an appropriate name.
  • Now, demarcate the ‘Access Control List’ option.
  • Finally, click OK button to initiate the process of creating a new NSF file.
  • Now, one gets to open the unprotected NSF file.

Limitation of Manual Process

  • These are technical jargon for a regular or naive user. Some individuals cannot understand and follow the steps and look for workarounds.
  • This is a frequent issue in a large organization. Administrators look to remove NSF security in a more professional way.
  • There are many errors and bugs which may be causing this issue. A ransomware demanding money by encrypting mailbox data can be cause for concern. Sometimes regular manual method does not work in such cases but is worth a try.

A Perfect Alternative to Remove Lotus Notes Password

There is a software designed for everything to make the everyday task easier. These are simple solutions which can be useful to any business or organization. These are third-party tools like the SysTools Mail Migration Wizard. It can be helpful to migrate complete mailbox data to PST format. It can be useful to export Lotus Notes email to Exchange or Office 365 cloud. It is a better alternative which can be used by any technical or non-technical user. The application is compatible with all available versions of Windows 10/8.1./8/7/XP or earlier ones. Here are some more of its features:

  • Lotus Notes client is mandatory on the migration machine
  • Admin credentials are needed to export multiple mailbox data
  • Personal login username and password are needed to recover emails
  • There is no file size limitation imposed by the utility
  • It is a safe, secure and error-free method that guarantees accurate transfer


There is the number of ways this process can be performed to recover mailbox data. One is the manual method which and been aptly described in this post. It mentions clearly all the steps to remove Lotus Notes password. It should suffice anyone looking for similar solutions online. The other is the workaround third-party tool which has also been mentioned here. Many experts recommend this direct approach. They advise users to go for the alternative, reliable method which is the much more convenient. A demo version is available for download for free before making any decision on the purchase.