“Day before yesterday I got a PDF file from my client. But, when I tried to perform any modifications in the file it shows the error message. I think there are some restrictions on this PDF file. But, I need to do editing in the file and forward the updated PDF document to the client. Therefore, I need a solution that can help me to remove restrictions from secured PDF file. Can you please help me to find a hassle-free solution, which can remove PDF security. Thanks in advance.”

Does the query seem similar to you? Are you also having the same questions in your mind? Are you also looking a solution to remove restrictions in PDF file? If the answer is yes, then you are at the right place. We are here to guide you thoroughly on how to remove PDF encryption from PDF files using the manual as well as via a professional solution. But, before that let’s talk about why it is needed to remove encryption from PDF document.

Why is it Necessary to Remove PDF Security?

There are multiple advantages to adding security in PDF documents. But, still, users want to remove restrictions from secured PDF files. The basic idea behind the need to remove encryption from PDF files is that users can easily access and perform modifications in the document. Files can be copied, modified, printed, extracted without any hassle. Additionally, when the user demands to perform any alterations in the document but, due to security issues, he is unable to perform the task. As a result, a user demands to remove PDF security.

How to Remove Restrictions From Secured PDF Files Manually?

The manual method is given below, just follow steps one after another:

  • Firstly, drag the secured PDF file into Google Chrome’s web browser
  • If the file is user level secured then enter the password
  • Then, press Enter for opening that PDF file
  • Now, navigate towards the File menu option
  • Select Print option or else, the user can press the Ctrl+P
  • Select the “Save as PDF” option
  • Click on Save button
  • Now, save the file on your PC without any security

Remove PDF Security From Adobe Acrobat Pro

Follow steps to remove restrictions from secured PDF documents:

  • Firstly, launch Adobe Acrobat Pro application
  • Go, to file option and open the secured PDF document
  • Now, click the lock icon on left window’s side
  • After that click on ‘Show security setting for this document’
  • Now from the Security Method option there are several options are available

    a) No Security

    b) Change Security

    c) Certificate Security

    d) Adobe Policy Server

  • Now to remove restrictions from secured PDF files permanently click on No Security option
  • You will be asked to enter the password
  • Now, a confirmation message is generated click OK button to remove PDF security
  • Lastly, again click OK button
  • Now save this unsecured PDF file at any desired location

Note: We have seen the manual approach to remove encryption from PDF. But, it has various drawbacks like with the google chrome user is unable to remove PDF security in batch. On the other hand, it is necessary to have the full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro to remove security. So, to quickly fix all such limitations continue reading the article and get the best solution.

Professional Tool to Remove Restrictions From Secured PDF Files

Due to some limitations of the manual approach, one can try the automated solution. Keeping the things in mind, it is recommended to go for a third-party software like SysTools PDF Unlocker. It overcomes all the drawbacks of the manual solution. By using software, users can easily remove restrictions from secured PDF files. Moreover, all the copying, printing, editing and extract restrictions are removed by the tool in just a few seconds. Another unique feature of this tool is, it generates the permission status of PDF file. With Before & After column one can view the current status of PDF file permission. But, once the file gets unlocked the permission status will be changed accordingly.


PDF files are secure to protect the content integrity and data privacy. But, most of the times this security creates trouble as a result user demands to remove PDF security. So, here in this blog we come up with manual as well automated technique remove restrictions from secured PDF files. But, due to some limitations of the manual approach, it is suggested to opt for the third-party solution.