The materials used for summer fashion jewellery is gaining a distinctive look in 2013 with more resin rings, bracelets and necklaces making an appearance. The top fashion designers are opting for more resin in their lines because of the flexibility of the material. By adding gemstones or crystals, the shiny finish glitters more brightly. Adding clay figures or paper creates a sense of fun to an office style. The resin can be made into rings that are cool, comfortable and less expensive than their gold counterparts. Oscar de la Renta made a huge splash introducing resin drop earrings in his 2013 spring-summer line.

The resin is showing up in other fashion accessories as well. Shoes with resin heels sporting crystals, buttons and gemstones act as foot jewellery. Purses with resin handles and resin insets are making their mark for eveningwear. Barrettes, hair bands and faux caps encrusted with resin butterflies are taking centre stage at formal events. You can purchase any of these women’s accessories online with a simple search query.

Explore the many offerings of fashion jewellery online by searching in other countries for items that are not common in your local stores. Every nation develops a sense of unique styling. Italy and Spain offer bold colours with fun imagery and use jewellery to dress up their gardens as well as their bodies. In India and Thailand, the tendency is to wear more head jewellery. In France and northern Europe, subtler colours are preferred in the summer in order that they remain in the background of the overall look. In Australia and New Zealand, the influence of the soft summer skies and sandy beaches is reflected in the resin colours that are popular. Resin jewellery is fun.