The south region of Dakota astonishes everyone with striking landscapes, rich history, and plentiful wildlife. It is a place worth to visit and absorb and say the best or the worst part of the place is that you get to travel there by road. Well, it might not be that great for someone who constantly has to drive even while they’re on their vacation but that can surely be tackled with the help of some team effort. The rest of the part is beyond doubt the best one, riding, sightseeing, enjoying the landscapes and a whole lot of fun.

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You can always visit Dakota, visit Mount Rushmore and get along with other plans but that will be plain injustice against the beauty of the land of Dakota. So it is best advisable to hop on a car that you can easily get by using your Avis promo code from the website and set on a 3 day tour of Dakota.Let us take a look as to how you must chalk out your trip.

How many days to spend at the mesmerizing Dakota?

As I mentioned above, 3 days is the perfect time to tour around Dakota. Anything less is not impossible but it will not let you feel the essence of the beautiful place. The 3 day trip will start and end at the same point which is in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Where to stay?

There are abundant options of accommodation that are available along the region of Dakota. There is a wide range of options from log cabins, hotels, B & B’S, camping options etc.

You can either try 3 different hotels on the three nights in which you will be touring. This option gives the explorers more scope to explore. You can also choose one single hotel where you will spend all the three nights. There are a few hotels that will facilitate this option and it will also limit your exploring.

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If you are to visit South Dakota, you will be flying into Rapid City. This is the point from where your trip will start and end. You can use the Avis promo codes to hire a car from this point in Dakota. Once you get your car, you can start your journey by heading towards the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway.


The drive is scenic and beautiful once you are on the HYW 385 North. There are some classic views through the Black hills on the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway. You will come across quite a lot of waterfalls and short hikes on this route. The best part is that these are not too far from the read and are totally worth. there are a total of 3 waterfalls which can be reached by taking a 5 minutes to walk.

Spearfish contains quite a few accommodations that you can choose from and take a rest for the day. Others city lives that you can visit during the tour, along the way are Deadwood and Sturgis.


This day covers much of the spots that the city is famous for. Use your Avis promo code to reach to the spots hassle free.


If you miss out on Mount Rushmore, the trip to Dakota will be left incomplete. Any amount of praises for Mount Rushmore will be less. Take the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway to reach there. Once you reach there, do not forget to check out the museum that is situated below the viewing deck. This will make you aware of some related history and statistics.

Mount Rushmore is usually filled with people in summers no matter what time of the day you plan your visit. Thus it is necessary to plan your trip taking in such issues in mind. if you plan to meet mount Rushmore at the evening time, do not, I repeat, DO NOT miss the lighting ceremony that happens in the evening.

After you are done, head to the cafeteria for some lip-smacking mint chip ice cream.


This spot, the Crazy Horse Memorial happens to be the worlds largest mountain carving that is in progress. It is located just 20 minutes away from mount Rushmore.


Custer Park will be your next destination after mount Rushmore. It is the oldest and the largest park in Dakota. Here you can indulge in scenic drives, fishing, hikes and more. the rock formation on the drive of the Needles Highway is what will blow your mind.

For all the nature lovers out there make sure you visit the Sylvan Lake. There is a lot to explore there. You can also find accommodation by the lake for yourself.



The Badlands National Park is located at a 2. 5 hours drive from the Custer State Park. To reach there you have to drive down the I 90 with the car that you have rented using avis promo code.

The Badlands is a 244, 000 acres wide national park. It is believed to contain some of the richest fossil beds in the whole world.

Once home to rhinos, the Badlands National Park visit can give you a chance to witness bighorns, sheep, prairie dogs, and bison. This will mark an end to the course of your road trip to the South of Dakota.

If this post excites you and makes you want to visit South Dakota immediately, wait no more. Plan out your next vacation to this very sport and do not forget to save while you travel using the Avis promo code.

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