Hey! When was the first time you smoked a hookah? It must be at a friend’s place or a hookah parlor. Right? So, why didn’t you smoke at home? You could have enjoyed longer and more relaxed.
Not having enough money for the exclusive hookahs is one of the most common reasons why hookah lovers have to opt for group smoking sessions or hookah parlors. However, not having a branded hookah should never be roadblock on your way to ultimate retreat. We got an excellent solution for your Hookah issue. Why not make your own hookah out of a Coca-Cola bottle? This is a quick Hookah DIY Guide for you.

What Would You Need?

You would require the things listed right-below:

  1. A big Coca-Cola bottle for the hookah body.
  2. A smaller one for making a hose-port.
  3. A soft-drink can for tobacco flask.
  4. Plastic Hose.
  5. A metal tube sizing ¾ of your hookah for the downstem.
  6. Other things: glue gun, aluminum foil, cutter or saw and a drill.

It’s Time to Make Hookah

  1. Make an opening at the side of the bottle for your hose port. It should be big enough to let your plastic tube go through it.
  2. Take the cap area of the smaller Coca-Cola bottle off.  Just like the bigger bottle, make an opening at the top of the cap.
  3. Put in the plastic hose through the cap hole. Make sure a couple of inches is there on the inside part of the bottle. Place the cap back on the cut-out neck. Seal the cap-pipe hole with some hot glue.
  4. Put the crafted hose port on the side-opening of the hookah bottle and seal with hot glue.
  5. Time to make the tobacco flask. Now, take the cutter and cut can into two halves. We would be requiring the lower half.
  6. Using a drill make an opening at the bottom of the can. Now, drill similar opening on the cap of your hookah bottle. It should be big enough so that the metal pipe can pass through them.
  7. Put in the metal pipe which will be the downstem allowing an inch or so above the cap. Place the can and then seal the openings.
  8. Take a big piece of aluminum foil and make bowl with it, place it on the can. The opening of the metal pipe should be right below the aluminum bowl. Poke some holes into it. This is where you need to put tobacco in.

Your Coca-Cola Hookah is all set for a smoke session. All you have to do it to pack it your favorite tobacco flavor cover with another aluminum foil, poke holes on it. Add some water to your hookah. Put everything together; add some red hot coal cubes on the top. Arrange for the perfect ambiance for a smoke session with some soothing music and dimmed lights. Now, relax on your couch and enjoy your best-ever hookah smoke.
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