PDF file format is an open-standard file format which is maintained by ISO. It stands for International-Organization-for-Standardization. PDF format is used to represent documents and evidence for government and enterprise. It is not dependent on any application software. PDF file format is accepted worldwide as it can be protected with a password and can easily be viewed or shared. On the other hand, Mozilla Thunderbird is a desktop-based cross-platform email client. It is free and open-source. There is a question which strikes in the minds of few users that “How to save Thunderbird Emails as PDF?”. Now, the answer to this question is discussed in the following write-up.

In the below-discussed blog, we are going to discuss some of the simple and easy ways to convert Thunderbird Emails to PDF. There are number of reasons which force the users to save all the emails in Adobe format. But, due to some complex steps, it is not possible for the users to convert MBOX to PDF with attachments. Read this blog in detail to know more about this migration process.

Prerequisites to Save Thunderbird Emails As PDF

Before, initiating the migration process, users are required to install the Import/Export tool add-on to Thunderbird. It basically supports two different types of data: one is with .msf extension whereas the other one is without the extension. It is capable of supporting .mbox files in order to store the complete mailbox items. On the other hand, PDF is a document file format by Adobe. Thus, Import/Export Tool is required to save Thunderbird Emails As PDF.

Creating a folder on the personal system to save resultant PDF files from Mozilla Thunderbbird while performing the migration procedure.

How to Manually Save Thunderbird Mail As PDF?

  1. Download and run Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. Choose any one folder appearing on the left-side of the chosen email account.
  3. You can choose any of the folders like Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items or any other folder.
  4. Click on Tools option in the Menu bar.
  5. Choose Import/Export Tools.
  6. Click on ‘Export all messages in the folder’ option.
  7. Choose PDF option for the file type that you want to save.
  8. Once the PDF option is selected, the user gets an alert window displaying the message “If you export in this format, the attachment is not saved. If you want to save the attachments also, choose a different format”.
  9. Click on OK option and browse where the files are required to be saved.
  10. The emails from Thunderbird are now saved in PDF format.

Limitations of the Manual Approach

The Manual Approach discussed above, also has some limitations associated with it. As already discussed above, this Manual Approach is also having some drawbacks and that is the attachments with the email are not exported. So, this Manual Approach fails to save Thunderbird Emails as PDF. But, while performing the Manual Approach, there are more chances of data loss and also, there is no guarantee that all the mails will be exported or not. Also, the installation procedure of Import/Export process in Mozilla Thunderbird is necessary for the technique to be completed. All these are difficult for a non-technical user to perform because it is quite lengthy and time-consuming.

Professional Approach to Save Thunderbird Emails As PDF

Since, the Manual Approach discussed above has drawbacks associated with it in order to save Thunderbird Mail as PDF. Therefore, users are suggested to go for any reliable third-party software like SysTools MBOX Viewer Pro Tool. This utility is a complete and efficient tool in order to view all the mails along with attachments which is almost next to possible with Manual Approach. Also, there is no requirement for the installation of email client in order to view .mbox files. It is capable to easily export multiple MBOX files to PDF without any loss of data and that too without consuming much time.


This blog describes the best possible approaches to save Thunderbird emails as PDF file format. Also, it explains the manual methods for exporting Thunderbird mails to PDF. The use of a third-party commercial utility is also described which is having number of different features and advantages. It can perform the desired task in a hassle-free and reliable manner.